Hollywood messed up another one

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  • hothabanero

    I am a big superhero fan and was looking forward to "the defenders". The first two episodes are great but then ... liberalism happens.

    One of the heroes (Luke cage, big black guy) goes on this crazy rant, like a liberals wet dream of the bravehearth speech. Why? Bc. one of the other guys (the iron fist) is a rich white dude and the black guy is pissed for the usual stupid reasons about white privilege and bla bla bla.

    The whole damn thing goes on for like 5 minutes. He almost turned to the camera to make it clear this SJW propaganda was intended for the audience. It was bizarre but I have noticed this kind of crap more and more in modern TV shows.

    Why can't we just have entertainment without turning it into a platform to cram their deeply unpopular political views down our throats?

    Took me right out of the show and I don't think I can stomach the rest of the series. Thanks, liberals, you ruined TV....

  • Nevuela

    1. The creators of the show can do whatever they please. If you want a show without a message or moral, there are far more without one than with. Or go make your own.

    2. Before you complain about liberals, please Google "liberal achievements opposed by conservatives," and then ask yourself why you would even want to be a conservative after that. Nearly everything you have to be thankful for in the US was a liberal cause that conservatives did everything in their power to oppose.

  • hothabanero

    @Nevuela: Yah, and I am free to be pissed to have to sit through a marxist propaganda lecture just bc I want to see a TV show about a man with a magic fist!

    BTW we both know that the "creators of a tv show can do whatever they please" would fail the SECOND someone made a tv show that overstepped the boundaries set by SJW dogma. See the absurd outrage over Trumps use of "both sides".

    Imagine the reaction if John Snow had a 5 minute rant about the unfairness of affirmative action against white men to the dragonlady and then pointed out women wouldn't be worth jack shit in an army anyway? Actually I would pay to see that!

    About (2): Liberal achievements this week consist of destroying a monuments, having another week of consecutive spassfits about Trump, about 17 more stupid marches, throwing rocks, and f#cking up "the defenders". I think we could all manage without!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Hey hothabenaro, maybe this is more your speed?


    Take a look at that liberal agenda! Gimme a break.

  • silentbuddha

    You are becoming a broken record. Liberals blah blah blah

    SJW (Your new favorite acronym) blah blah blah

    Then throw in some dog whistles that will appear in the text on the first page for the 4 other posters who you know will support anything you say as you all take over a thread and circle jerk each other (big black guy / white priveledge).

  • David_Jay


    Apparently you never read these comic books when they came out in the 1970s of know nothing about Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and the origins of the current series "The Defenders."

    Luke Cage and Iron Fist were the first black and white superhero characters to team up in a comic book together (Iron First will eventually cause a rift in their relationship by filling in love with Luke's girlfriend, or so the comic book goes).

    Luke Cage gave almost the exact speech (called a "monologue" in comic book speech) before the two got together. Danny has always been the privileged rich "white boy," as Luke called him, and Danny has always tried to distance himself from his privilege by fulfilling his role as the Iron Fist. They would become "The NEW Avengers" but Marvel decided to choose "The Defenders" this time around to avoid confusion.

    The two characters eventually teamed up in their first marvel comics in 1972, which was historical because it featured bi-racial participation. The only other prominent comic book at the time that did this was "Josie and the Pussycats" that featured one of the first main characters of African descent ever in a American children's comic book (also in the Saturday animated version).

    So the "crazy rant" is not a "liberal speech," but a sign of it if ignorance on your part...and a peculiar odd lean to the "right" by a group who don't realize that atheists are not (unfortunately and unfairly, for the most part) welcome by most anyone else on the "right" side that values belief in God, the Bible, prefers Protestantism (but will accept some Catholics).

    I have been reading this site during my recovery. Good gravy! What's all this rubbish about the left versus the right, especially you anti-religious. Don't you know that outside the safety of your Internet bubble world you live in, outside in the real word, the right hates atheists. Liberals accept you, and you are hating them from this site?

    No wonder you are too ignorant to know the origins of something as silly as a comic. Sure, what I just wrote here is (in the grand scheme of things) insignificant, but sheesh! You jumped from your lack of education on the subject to blaming liberals!

    This site is filled with some of the same empty-headed thinking that filled Watchtower land. You blame the world for your lack of knowledge, and crown your misinterpretation of things as truth. It's just about a stupid TV show, but you've taken a tiny thing and made a vehicle for hating a group of people...all because you were too lazy, ignorant of even just stupid to know something idiotic about a comic book series from 1972.

    This ex-JWs site is messed up with some messed up people (who will probably go on a hate-filled, rage against my words because that what Jehovah's Witnesses...excuse me, some people who can't move on with their lives do).

  • silentbuddha

    David Jay just stepped in and hit a homer...

  • Londo111

    Marvel has tended to have a liberal bent...which is probably why I love it. The first black superhero...Black Panther, a blind superhero, a superhero in a wheelchair (Professor X who seems allegorical to Martin Luther King), ect, ect...

    I supposed one could point to characters in Marvel with a more conservative bent, like Punisher. You might want to check that series on Netflix later this year.

  • Simon

    It's endless and everywhere - pure propaganda.

    Here in Calgary, the local news station (government funded of course) had a 5 minute segment about the eclipse. What aspect was it about? How Muslims worship and a chance for them to talk about how great Allah is - what a load of crock, that's normally what people say just before they explode or go stabby-stabby.

    Marvel comics has been taken over by liberal SJWs (notice they can never build things themselves but they take them over afterwards, like parasites). But most of their leftist / pro-muslim propagandist crap has tanked commercially so now they are stuck trying to figure out whether to press on or try to roll it back.

  • freemindfade

    Love the series so far, did notice that bit stood out like a sore thumb.

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