"Even if it isn't the truth, it's still the best way to live"

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  • WTWizard

    The best way to live? You mean, not having anything that is even the tiniest amount pleasurable? This means no vacations that mean anything. You are not allowed to celebrate anything meaningful, such as Christmas and birthdays. You are not supposed to work full time to make a living. Children can't even have an ice cream cone without guilt.

    And for what? You get to waste your time going from door to door, often in miserable weather and/or bad driving conditions. It is still dark, you are still tired, and now it is beginning to rain--is that safe driving for field circus? And the gas you waste, plus the time and money wasted on field circus supplies. You waste more money in the Worldwide Damnation Fund than what a worldly family spends indulging in their children. You get to waste time at a$$emblies, wasting money to get there and for motel rooms.

    Compare this to some of the family life vlogs I have seen online. Just search for some of these, especially focusing around holidays. I have seen one where children actually celebrate the holidays, they have numerous pets (including mice and rats), they frequently shop for the children, and partake in recreation on a regular basis (including watching movies and crafting). While I make no claim that this is perfect, it is far superior to anything the washtowel has to offer.


    is one of these channels--a normal, worldly family preparing to celebrate Christmas (this page will index you to December 2015, at that in the midst of a Canadian dollar crisis). Anyone checking this out should compare that with any family you may remember as a jokehovian witless. Which life would you rather have, one similar to these videos, or the life of a jokehovian?

    Best way of living, even if it is not the truth? I don't think so. Aside normalcy, I think the ultimate "best way of living" has to be the truth even if it hurts. Otherwise, you are not going to get anything worthwhile. The truth should help you to work with, not against, your soul, nature, and the universe. The jokehovian lifestyle works against everything, and you are wasting time for your own damnation. Hardly the best way of living.

  • smiddy

    "Even if it isn`t the truth its still the best way to live" ....what a cop out .

    Could not almost any religion say that and also it be true ?

    How pathetic an apology of falsehoods .


  • alcyone

    We can hardly find any similar organization that would impose so many rules and bans...

    1) WTS can prohibit whatever they want. This is something other groups cannot achieve so easily - they need a conference or a council to meet, relatively large number of people should agree the change. This naturally leads to slow pace of changes and extravagant things are generally avoided. On the contrary WTS can set whatever rule 5 people (out of 7) agree upon. They proved in the past they literally destroy your life without any remorse. (ban on organ transplants, civil service, blood dogma, ...).

    2) In other groups there is a variety of lifestyles you can follow. For example in the RCC there are charismatic groups, there are groups for families, there are catholic scholars, pilgrims, whatever... if you are an introvert you can meditate and look for solitude, if you are and an extrovert you can spend a lot of time with the people. You can join charity and help orphans. You have many things you can pursue and still your friends will consider you to be a good Catholic. The same applies for other denominations, but the WTS is different. Everybody is forced be an extrovert, going "from house to house", charity is discouraged, separate bible study groups de facto banned, constant guilt-trips, "do more" etc. At the end, many witnesses are mentally ill.

    I do not see anything superior in the witness lifestyle. And as for morale, if you join a Christian group you will find other people trying to be morally clean (and sometimes failing in the same way as JW's are failing).

  • moomanchu

    "Even if it isn`t the truth its still the best way to live"

    Sounds like something Satan would say.

  • Lostandfound

    Correction: The Worst Way toLive

    friendship, relaxation, enjoyment, fun, reading, hobbies, career etc say goodbye to all these if you have "the best way to live"

    It may be moral (?) but removes all the wonderful things in life that are "looked down on" in Watchtowerland, Disneyland has more reflection of real way of life, ENJOY life free from Watchtowerland, we are all migrants escaping it's very real horrors.

  • mrquik

    If it isn't the truth, you're in a man made religion. If your in a man made religion you're part of "Babylon the Great".

    If your a "true Christian" you're obligated to obey the mandate to "get out of her my people". To stay in would label you as an opposer to "the truth". And we all know what happens to opposers......... Better to worship God privately & be a good Christian. As I always say; Live Well...Enjoy Life!!!

  • freemindfade

    I was thinking about this this morning.

    The Jehovah's witnesses have once again given their own internal definition to the word "Best"

    "being a witness is the best life possible".

    It is not. "Best" itself is really subjective. What the JW life is, is a relatively safe life, without guarantees of safety mind you. Without getting into the semantics of the things that make it unsafe (blood refusal, mental health issues, child molestation), just roll with this for a second.

    Its not even the safest way of life. Just very safe or conservative. Yes if you adhere to its rules (that not only they adhere to btw), you may avoid some risky behaviors. Also you have a support system of sorts around the world and so on. Yes there is a level of safety being in this religion, I can now admit that. but does safe/conservative = best?

    Well to coin my own JW style illustration... the safest way to travel around might be in a tank, but is it the best way to travel in everyday life?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    It may be perceived to be the *best* way of life according to the JWs. But the main underlying factor is CONDITIONAL!!
  • daringhart13

    Yep I've heard it.

    I then ask how they feel about telling people to make life and death decisions based on 'old light' and how would they feel if they let a child die that could have had a blood fraction.

    As you can see their face turning ......I then ask them how people feel about those that walk into a theater and yell fire, resulting in people being hurt or even killed. ....as they ponder, I then let them know 'that is what JW's have been doing for the last century".....

    There is nothing 'innocent' about being a Jehovah's Witness. You're telling lies, damaging psyches and in some cases, costing people their lives...both physically and mentally.

  • talesin

    Joyzabel - even though I was young, can still remember his voice at Yankee Stadium assembly my family attended. Very fanatical, and in my child's mind, he scared me, rather like Hitler.

    And this thread reminded me of another JW-ism that was common: "the worst Jehovah's witness is better than the best worldly person".

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