"Even if it isn't the truth, it's still the best way to live"

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  • Finkelstein

    Yes heard that one a few times myself .

    Lets review that statement.

    The WTS told its children that this world and most of its inhabitants were going to be killed soon. .... a lie

    At the same time children were told that higher education is a waste of time since the world is going to end soon

    connecting to another engaging lie .

    Like higher education never helps humanity !

    Celebrating birthdays is a sin displeasing god, which really doesn't have strong scriptural support .

    Really so making or showing respect and love for someone on their birthday is such a sin that makes god frown ?

    How about the thousands of people lying dead in graveyards, many children, who obeyed the WTS leaders concerning receiving blood transfusions.and the ones that grieved their deaths such as family members. ???

  • Vidiot

    Even back when I was still in, I had a hard time with this one; I'd heard the phrase, of course, but I was very hard-pressed to define why it was "still the best way to live".

    Looking back, I realized that was because, while I liked my JW friends and family very much, I was never particularly happy being a JW...

    ...and if the life you have cannot make you happy, how can it actually be "the best way to live"?

    Needless to say, I kept this to myself; WT ideology had already plugged that hole by inferring that if you couldn't be happy as JW, you were the one with the problem. The older I got, though, the harder it was to buy into that.

  • stuckinarut2

    Nice thread Simon!

    I agree completely.

    And Hadriels comment is very true: "The further I get away the more I realize others who have never been inside the organization live just as clean and moral lives."

    We were taught that every non witness was a 'loose living, selfish, or dangerous' person that really couldn't be trusted

    I have found that the community is filled with people who are more "moral" than I ever thought possible! They are selfless, giving and clean living. In fact I have seen some of them pull me up on occasion!

  • talesin

    DY - The fact is, that if you only socialize with 'work friends', you are not choosing friends by common interest. You are in another forced situation. It can't be compared to having the freedom to associate freely with people we may personally relate to, and can be found in special interest clubs, the gym, volunteering jobs, and yes, at work..

    Magnum - You think the JWS live a more 'moral' lifestyle, really? Did your fingers just type that? They are no different - smokers, tons of alcoholics, drug users, and adulterers - they just hide it, and hang out in their own little cliques. Secret's safe with them! The 'good' JWS often have not a clue of what's really going on.

  • Magnum

    talesin: Magnum - You think the JWS live a more 'moral' lifestyle, really? Did your fingers just type that?

    No, actually my fingers did not just type that. Please go back and read what I wrote again. I did not write that JWs live a more moral lifestyle. I wrote "No, it's not the best way to live. Maybe the moral part is." I was not referring to individual JWs, buy to the moral teachings of JWdom in general, and I used the word "maybe" indicating that it's debatable. I knew somebody was going to take issue with that and thought about explaining and qualifying it, but didn't want to take the time.,

    My point was not to say that the JWs live more moral lives. For one thing, without some kind of absolute standard, a lot of so-called morals are relative. It's just that some might argue that they prefer the moral teachings of JWdom, and I don't really take issue a lot of those teachings. That was an insignificant point in my post.

    I do feel that a lot of what JWdom teaches is moral, but not necessarily that JWs themselves are.

    edited to add: Concerning my point about some morals being relative, consider the following: I know a lot of JWs who would never dream of uttering a single so-called profane word, never get mad, etc., however, they would walk right by a starving kitten and not in the least be disturbed by it.

    I might be more rough around the edges, am not Dudley Do-Right, etc., but I couldn't stand to see the kitten without helping it. To me, I'm more moral because my morals concern deeper things.

  • OneEyedJoe
    I've definitely heard it, though I can't relate to what it takes for someone to get to that thought. Well before I knew TTATT, I'd already determined for myself that if it wasn't the truth, it was just about the worst way to live. It was only ever remotely justified (and even barely at that - I had my doubts about whether eternity in a bland paradise was worth not living now) because I thought the doctrine was correct.
  • Heartsafire
    I have very close "worldly" friends that go above and beyond morality compared to many JWs I know. They are very honest, do not cheat on their spouses, volunteer and reach out in the community, encourage others to do good, etc. From what I've learned, the standards practiced in life are unique to each individual whether a JW or not.
  • Finkelstein

    As far as jws being more socially moral people , I've known more witnesses who were very immoral, from sexual perverts to adulterers, alcohol and drug abusers, to crooked business people, child beaters and so on.

    I think that may have something to do with people using the religion as a pretentious white cloak to put over themselves. Many JWS put a self righteous face on at the Kingdom Halls but outside the true character of these individuals comes out, in a alarmingly different way.

  • sowhatnow

    even if it isnt the truth? lol, so who would willingly follow untruth? ok, so then any way is a best way to live so long as it has 'some' truth to it.

    gee, I wonder who said that first....

  • Tazemanian-devil
    My wife said this to me last Winter, when I shared TTATT with her. Now she denies having said it.

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