Sparlock is making his rounds again

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  • Sorry

    The midweek meeting in general made me so uncomfortable. Such an over emphasis on obedience. This video truly made me sick. I heard a child behind me tell her mom that "It's just a toy. It's not real." Then her mom told her Satan is just trying to deceive her into practicing witchcraft. It's sad that a 5 year old has more common sense than these grown adults.

    Either something big is happening or the Borg realizes they're losing their grip. Lately, most of the meetings go back to the central theme of obedience. Guess they're really trying to tie into the convention theme "Do Not Give Up".


    she explained to me how the toy was a promotional toy for the whole Sparlock tv series and movie that is full of wizardry and witchcraft! There is no such series or movie. I told her that I didn't think there was any such thing and she said, " what, do you think they would just make it up?"

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  • ToesUp

    "she explained to me how the toy was a promotional toy for the whole Sparlock tv series and movie that is full of wizardry and witchcraft! There is no such series or movie. I told her that I didn't think there was any such thing and she said, "

    You just can't make this sh*t up! It's shocking to actually hear people say things like this. It's like they just pull it out of their a**. Delusional!

  • Spoletta

    I'm so tired of the message that we're all so weak that we must not even think of magic lest we fall into Satan's snares. My youngest son and his friends play many RPGs that involve magic of one sort or another, and I've yet to see them waving wands or uttering enchantments in order to get something done. For God's sake, I know many Witnesses that are huge science fiction fans. Isn't a book or movie about the future an admission that the world didn't end in the 21st century? So much contradiction! Why can't we take it all as what it is, the human ability to think of imaginary scenarios that keep us entertained.

  • Saethydd

    I can't help but notice how they failed to define magic in that video. Perhaps because magic can be considered anything that defies natural explanation. Say, for example, parting an ocean with a staff, or raising people from the dead. The fact is, the Bible is full of humans who invoke magic, (referred to as miracles) to accomplish things.

    It could even be argued that Moses was in fact, a "Warrior Wizard," after all he used magic to bring the Israelites out of Egypt and then organized the nation like a warrior would under Joshua.

  • Gorbatchov

    The snake in the video is so overdone.

    Now I know why the active family showed the video to my children this week.

    I went in the room the last minute and sayed: "look Sparlock flyes away and we will see him in part two" 😂

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Saw the presentation at last night's mtg. This is perfectly lined up with the JW beliefs, so nothing new here.

    Really liked the ending, where the mother offered to go on a bike ride with the child.

    Children want to have fun, so parents have the obligation to substitute fun they feel is not right for a Christian with same amount of real fun that is acceptable according to their lifestyle. Nothing wrong or that will hinder the child's healthy development.

    The thing is that most JWs will not do things as presented in the demo. They will be mad with the kids, yell at them, throw their toys in the garbage angrily, not reason with them, punish them, and not provide any other form of fun/entertainment as a substitute. I see it all the time and this is why so many JW children grow up disgruntled.


  • sparrowdown

    Next jw urban legend :Sparlock the demonized warrior wizard flies down the aisle at a meeting terrorizing the flock!

  • freddo

    Went to my first mid-week meeting this year (2017) and knew this was coming down the pipe. Usual low attendance of about 50 out of 75.

    They actually clapped at the end of the video! I couldn't believe it.

    A "brother" (awake like me) said to me afterwards that if anyone from outside came and saw this they'd think we were completely nuts.

  • sparky1

    This whole Sparlock bull$hit reminds me of what happened to me as a child. My beloved (non witness) grandfather bought me a toy army jeep like the one pictured. That same night I was playing with it on the bedroom floor and my mother asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was playing airport baggage transportation like at Logan airport. One of the 'servants' at our hall had that exact job and I told her that was what I was playing in my imagination. She called me a liar and said that I was playing war and that Jehovah hates war. The she proceeded to throw away my brand new toy and banish me to bed. End of discussion. I have to agree with Doubtfully Yours above about the paranoid action of many witness parents. All my mother had to do was say 'that's great Sparky. I'm glad you are not playing war. Tomorrow we can go to the hobby store and buy a 19 cent container of paint and paint over all the army emblems. Then you can continue with your fun. You know that your grandfather loves you very much and he would really enjoy seeing you have so much fun.' The reality in 'Witness World' is far removed from any propaganda video on!

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