Sparlock is making his rounds again

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  • respectful_observer

    She called me a liar and said that I was playing war and that Jehovah hates war. The she proceeded to throw away my brand new toy and banish me to bed.


    When I was about 6 or so, I spent the weekend with my non-JW aunt and uncle. They thought it would be fun to buy us super soakers, and they were right-- we had a blast. When our parents picked us up and found out, they drove straight to the toy store and made us return them...AND...made us explain to the clerk why we were returning them, that we were JWs, and that God hates violence. Looking back, I can only imagine the pity that clerk must have felt for me.

  • schnell

    Re: your wife's mistaken belief that Sparlock is a real thing... Right around the time the iPhone came out, there was a circuit assembly (or special day assembly? I can never remember, same shit) where they warned about electronic devices. They gave a demonstration about a new device called the "GR8". Obviously a fictitious example, yeah?

    Afterward, my mom wagged her finger and warned me not to get this "GR8". It was apparently bad, and wrong.

    She also made my brother throw out his Star Wars toys' guns. I love ya mom... but jeez.

  • zeb

    sparky 1.

    what is it that was done to this generation of women to turn so many of them so bitter.?

  • freddo


    Here in the UK I have a pet theory about "this generation of women" - and I mean the great matriarchs (of so many jw families) that are very elderly or have passed away leaving dutiful sons and daughters as elders and "toy removing" finger wagging, stepford automatons.

    They lived through WW2. Their fathers and husbands served in the war and the luftwaffe dropped bombs on their cities. They often lost a "loved one in death", they wondered about the churches' explanations and were ripe for those lovely pioneer ladies knocking on their doors as they sat at home with the babies and their husbands worked 48 hours a week to support them.

    They and their kids had all the woe and doom reinforced in the 1960's with the Cuban missile crisis, the Cold war with nuclear weapons. Then mad Freddy came along with 1975 and "the generation" and they were locked in.

    Their now adult kids (in the 1970's) became the elders that run the show today but who are themselves elderly and passing the mantle to elders in their late 30's through early fifties.

    This new generation is (in organisational terms) weaker and flakier. Their wives can't or won't put up with the dutiful existence of their mothers and grandmothers and show signs of mental ill-health and anxiety.

    In short the KH's in the UK are less full of the determined and dutiful and more full of the desperate, the depressed, the deluded and the dying.

    Any others who stay are going to concerts or camping or cruising or carousing and are careful not to lose their family.

  • stillin

    Saethydd said:

    "It could even be argued that Moses was in fact, a "Warrior Wizard," after all he used magic to bring the Israelites out of Egypt and then organized the nation like a warrior would under Joshua."

    That's perfect! His magic was greater than the magic-practicing priests of Egypt. He carries his staff. He carries the large shield of faith. He even has the beard that Moses is so often depicted with.

    Come on Caleb! Your Mom needs to lighten up.

  • NikL

    The mother asked, "Who likes magic, Jehovah or Satan?"

    So does magic really exist?

    Does Jah really hate it? Is there biblical proof in this video? No? Hmmmm

    The title of the part is, "Become Jehovah’s Friend—Obey Jehovah".

    Nope. No brain washing bull shite here.

  • sparky1

    SPARLOCK the Warrior Wizard. Evil magical figure inspired by Satan and his demons to mislead little witness children. Not to be tolerated under any circumstances.

    MICKEY MOUSE the SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. Benign magical figure inspired by nice old Walt Disney to bring joy and happiness to little children including those of Jehovah's Witnesses. Viewed with tolerance and acceptance.

    Pay close attention little Witness children. In your religion, it is not whether something is right or wrong but how it is viewed by your leaders and other influential persons in the religion. Learn to play the game, keep your mouth shut and you will get along fine!

  • Saethydd

    @sparky1 Oh I wouldn't be too sure about that, I know some really committed JWs that wouldn't even let their kids watch Disney movies with magic. (Glad mine weren't like that, I even got to watch Lord of the Rings for awhile until my parents changed their view a few years back.)

  • christina1111

    omg!! the mother looked evil her ownself...she looked like horns was about to come out of her head if caleb didn't throw it away nor agree with her....once he agreed with her she calmed down..caleb looked like he was more scared of his mother than anything else

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