Reveal News Article: Jehovah’s Witnesses double down on Scripture used to ignore abuse by Trey Bundy

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Jehovah’s Witnesses double down on Scripture used to ignore abuse

    By Trey Bundy / November 9, 2017

    Gary Breaux, a senior Jehovah's Witness official, speaks on the religion’s official internet video channel. Credit: JW Broadcasting i

    What should Jehovah’s Witnesses do if they think someone they know has sexually abused a child, but no one was there to see it?


    So say leaders of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who instruct elders not to take action against a member of the religion accused of child sexual abuse without a confession or at least two witnesses to the crime.

    That policy is based on Scripture, according to the religion’s top officials.

    The vast majority of sexual predators abuse their victims in secret, with no witnesses present. And even though Jehovah’s Witnesses are under pressure worldwide for covering up child sexual abuse, a senior official says scrapping the policy isn’t up for discussion.

    “We will never change our Scriptural position on that subject,” said Gary Breaux, a senior official at the religion’s global headquarters in New York, known as the Watchtower.

    “Our good reasoning is pretty solid on this,” he said.

    He then looked down at a Bible and read from Deuteronomy 19:15: “No single witness can convict another for any error or any sin that he may commit. On the testimony of two witnesses, or on the testimony of three witnesses, the matter should be established.”

    When a Jehovah’s Witness commits a serious sin, such as child abuse, local leaders can form a judicial committee to determine whether the offender should be kicked out of the congregation. But without a confession or the testimony of two witnesses to corroborate the allegations, the elders are instructed to leave the matter to God’s judgment.


  • sparrowdown

    Too bad if that "witness" is a baby or small child.

    Heartless, obstinate for the sake of it bastards!

  • stuckinarut2

    Great that the media has picked up on this so quickly!

    The world needs to see the arrogance of the Society!

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    I also have another good quote for them : Deut 18:22 hehe


  • lancegalahadx

    Just looking at this guy makes me sick. Yeah, I saw that portion of the wonderful broadcast. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the higher-ups were/are involved in abuse in some form or another.

    This guy is a piece of shit! Along with his bosses. Hope they're reading this site too...

  • LisaRose

    The comments on the article are great.

    "Is this really a religion? Shameful."

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Right, read the rest of Deut 19. It's about manslaughter and the avenger of blood. In the event of Bro. DIY accidentally killing Bro Nice but Stupid with his nail-gun, his next of kin can come round and shoot his head off in revenge. That's OK according to Deut 19. We need to establish cities of refuge though for the accidental manslayer to run to but, basically the next of kin can just off him.

    Now, which of these bits of rough justice are we going to keep in the 21st century? Shall we keep the vigilante righteous killings and the two witness rule? We seem to have taken the reasonable route on one, why not the other?

  • sparrowdown

    They pick and choose scripture like choosing dessert from a buffet - to suit themselves.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Great news today, with WT loosing it's appeal (their stubborn "we don't obey anyone but Jehovah" has just cost them $4,000 a day) and this article from Reveal News highlighted that

    "Breaux’s defense of the two-witness rule comes as legal scrutiny of Jehovah’s Witnesses child abuse policies is ramping up around the world. An investigation by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting found that Watchtower policies dating back to at least 1989 direct elders to keep child abuse secret from law enforcement and members of their congregations."

    As the court itself said:

    Here, Watchtower has abused the discovery process. It has zealously advocated its position and lost multiple times. Yet, it cavalierly refuses to acknowledge the consequences of these losses and the validity of the court's orders requiring it to produce documents in response to request number 12. And, in a further act of defiance, Watchtower informed the court that it would not comply with the March 25, 2016 order 39 requiring it to produce documents responsive to request number 12. The court, following Lopez, supra, 246 Cal.App.4th 566, as an incremental step toward terminating sanctions if Watchtower persists in its unjustified conduct, imposed monetary sanctions. On the record before us, we are satisfied that the superior court's order was not arbitrary, capricious, or whimsical. To the contrary, the superior court has shown great patience and flexibility in dealing with a recalcitrant litigant who refuses to follow valid orders and merely reiterates losing arguments. We therefore affirm.

    This two witness rule just may be the death of them.

  • jwfacts

    The ARC raised valid points to show that the two-witness rule does not need to be applied to children. There is a way out for them to ease up on this for the sake of both victims, and their own reputation. Going the other direction shows just how clueless the leaders really are.

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