Reveal News Article: Jehovah’s Witnesses double down on Scripture used to ignore abuse by Trey Bundy

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  • Vidiot
    jwfacts - "...Going the other direction shows just how clueless the leaders really are."

    True believers, one and all; they're certain that God's got their back, no matter what...

    ...and/or... suggests that the problem is so institutionalized, that if they were to deal with it properly, it would - from their POV - place the Org at even further risk.

  • konceptual99

    They don't need to scrap the policy. What they choose to do as far as their internal club rules are concerned is up to them. At a high level, the principle of requiring corroborative evidence is a sound one in terms of the execution of justice.

    As jwfacts says, they don't actually have to compromise their interpretation of scripture to accommodate more robust procedures when faced with an allegation of child abuse. They just need to modify the policy and the reality is that they have taken some steps to do this.

    The utterly bizarre situation is that instead of publicising the policy changes, promoting and reinforcing a culture where elders support the victim and get help from the authorities - something that would help their cause as far the secular authorities are concerned - they instead choose to reiterate their dogmatic view of scripture.

    This is why my fear is that whatever the policy changes there will still be a disproportionate risk of these allegations being handled badly since the organisation from the top down simply seems to be reverting to type. Clueless indeed @jwfacts.


    There's a difference between convicting someone and starting an inquiry. If the RNWT really says convict, and not accuse, then the GB's translation has just f***ed them.

    Reporting an allegation to the Elders is not equal to convicting someone. It should, however, be the beginning of an investigation that always involves trained individuals.

    Why not report allegations, and let the police handle the investigation? Then, if the unthinkable happens, if an innocent person is convicted, the Elders can tell the flock, "We disagree with the decision made by the Superior Authorities. Brother so-and-so, is still good association. We will all need to exercise a waiting attitude, and trust that Jehovah will work it all out in his own due time." ????

    The ratio of children protected vs wrongful convictions would be well worth a sweeping policy change within the WTBTS. Not to be callous, but it would also be a wise, long-term financial decision.


  • Pistoff

    From konceptual99:

    They don't need to scrap the policy. What they choose to do as far as their internal club rules are concerned is up to them. At a high level, the principle of requiring corroborative evidence is a sound one in terms of the execution of justice.

    This dodges the issue; the 'policy' misapplies a scripture taken out of context, TWICE.

    The one from the OT is in a completely different context that a child being abused by an adult.

    And the one from Matthew they have always applied to personal issues between believers.

    This is a criminal act; the elders have no experience in dealing with predators, or investigating child sexual abuse.

    They are out of their league, biased and prone to downplaying the issue.


    The OT allows that if a woman says she is raped, she is to be believed, stating that if it happened out of earshot, it means she screamed but no one heard her; this completely invalidates the WT's clinging to the 2 witness rule.


    To cover their a$$es.


    If a woman was raped, but no one heard, she could still present an accusation that would be investigated. Her story ( in a perfect Patriarchal story... ) would not be dismissed.

    Once the accusation is made, it then becomes a matter for thorough investigation, as lives are on the line. No one is convicted ( key point ) by her coming forward.

    JW parents coming to the Eldubs with a concern, or an accusation, is not a conviction. ( See above post. )

    The WTBTS is simply corrupt, and covering their asses.


  • sparrowdown

    They could change this rule in a heartbeat if they wanted to. All it would take to back up the change is slap a scripture on that thing and hey frickin presto - new light.

    And yet they fefuse. Anyone would think they're enjoying the free publicity or something.

  • ToesUp

    Not changing the 2 witness rule just shows what you are dealing with. A true 100% narcissist is a sight to see. These guys are true 100% narcissists. They won’t budge or apologize for anything because they truly believe they are right. Karma is coming for them! Hopefully sooner rather than later and in my lifetime, so I can watch it happen. Oh please....let me be alive to see it happen!!!🥂

  • wifibandit
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think deep down the reason for the GB to double down on their 2 witness rule is so that they can put the blame on Yahweh and not on themselves for their Organization's demise.

    After all they proclaim that they are God's Earthly Organization/God's Chariot yadda yadda so why not pass the blame onto Yahweh and stick to the 2 witness rule until they go belly up with a clear conscience before the rank and file who feel obeying Yahweh or else be executed is the most important thing.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    The broadcast by the WT concerning the 2 witness rule, was for reassurance - for the child molesters that is.

    Imagine a jewelry store that stated if only one employee saw another employee steal jewelry and that person didn't confess, nothing was to be done. No police or anything. Since they didn't have video cameras, there wouldn't be any proof and nothing could be done.

    Imagine advertising that fact to each new employee.

    The WT is advertising the very same thing. Nothing will be done to child molesters unless they confess or someone happens to catch them at it. No worries for the molester unless they are incredibly stupid.

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