Reveal News Article: Jehovah’s Witnesses double down on Scripture used to ignore abuse by Trey Bundy

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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Want to know how "the world" reacts to this story???

  • Vidiot
    Data-Dog - "...t should, however, be the beginning of an investigation that always involves trained individuals..."

    I suspect they don't wan't properly trained individuals.

    After all, trained individuals might further reveal how endemic and institutionalized the problem is.

  • FreeFallin

    Cha Ching

    Thank you so much for the video. Very informative. i will look for more of his stuff

  • Wakanda

    I thought his choice of colors he wore was curious, especially the peach tie. So, I finally looked up what the psychological associations according to the book Chronobiotic Nutrition. Hope you find it interesting.

    White - impurity, false love, ethics, completion and holier-than-thou attitude.

    Orange (closest to peach, imo) - sexual and reproductive traumas.

    Lilac - parental disapproval of one's appearance or behavior.

    There really isn't one for cream, but tan is: no-win condition, catch 22 situation, bondage to actions.

    At first I thought, oh yeah, white, of course. That is because the first impressions of people wearing white is supposed to be much better than say, black. That little tidbit is from interpersonal communications class.

    I think he just happened to choose that outfit, but may have known that white and cream was a good choice. Then again it reminds me of an out-there youtube talking about orange thread (or yarn?) in the background of a Sophia video, and that symbolizing something predatory in a sexual way.

    He can where white all day, it ain't gonna help.

  • AverageJoe1

    Mods, you might want to put a full stop (period) after the word “abuse” in the post title. Otherwise it reads like Trey is doing the abusing!

    Another great article by the way. Journalism at its best.

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