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  • dothemath

    For those that believe in the flood story as genesis says, then they also are forced to accept a huge amount of evolution, way faster than any evolutionist would propose.

    From a basic selection of "kinds", to the several millions of land species there are now, and in only about 4000 years.

    Not to mention the many types of birds that made it to remote islands, and then somehow lost their ability to fly... not even possessing wings( ex- dodo bird, moa)

    scientists agree this was a process that took eons of time.

    I was thinking of this because we just had a public talk on Noah. I sure couldn't make a fool of myself on that subject, going on how "factual" it all is.


    Yep! Many of us have noticed that problem. For dubs, evolution is a HUGE no-no. They don't understand what you just said. Their brains might actually explode, or perhaps implode.

    Innocent animals died in fear as they were drowned, just because Jeehoober lacked the ability or the desire to:

    1) Execute "Satan" the very instant he rebelled in his heart, thereby eliminating any opportunity for the other Angels to be corrupted.

    2) Selectively execute only the bad Angels, the Nephilim, and bad people.

    He killed every animal, save the few in the Ark. To celebrate his victory over evil, he allowed Noah to immediate throw a BBQ! They all got drunk and someone got cursed for looking at Noah's weiner.

    Then somehow, those few animals magically became all the different species of today in 4000 years. So even Jeehoobidoob was forced to rapidly evolve animals. Wow, dubs are pretty watchtarded.


  • Finkelstein

    There is much mythical story telling that the ancient Hebrews scribed once they leaned how to.

    Other ancient civilizations told stories of their god(s) as well, scribed and made into pictographs on their temples.

    The Biblical data places the Flood at 2304 BC ± 11 years. if it was an actual occurrence there would evidence to support it , there isn't not from any geological evidence but also from a break in lineage of lives of Egyptian Pharaohs for example or other civilizations in the middle east.

  • LostGeneration
    That BBQ point DD made above had escaped me for the longest time. Pretty damn funny when you think about it!
  • Socrateswannabe
    The flood myth is the easiest means for anyone to wake up to TTATT or TT about the bible. If that story is true and written by holy spirit I'll eat my lawnmower. No one who gives the story any thought can believe it. That's a pretty dogmatic statement and there are probably some smart people who believe the story, but it is only because they haven't really thought about it.
  • Crazyguy
    Over night evolution, when the animals got in the Ark that ate vegetation after the got out they started eating each other. All the animals that didn't eat meat must have eaten manna from heaven. But the most important part ofbthe story is god got to eat BBQ chicken. So I guess the Ark was just a big refrigerator.
  • Darkknight757

    I still say I'd love to be there when Noah punched all those dumbass animals out of the ark on the top of Mount Ararat.

    Animal Avalanche!!!

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Ok I registered because I just had to join this discussion.

    Best thing about Noah's evolution is that the Dubs actually propose it as a solution:

    (Copy pasted this part from one of my answers on Quora):

    From Insight in the Scriptures, a sort-of encyclopedia on biblical topics, issued by Jehovah's Witnesses, on the topic 'Ark', in defence of a literal explanation of the worldwide deluge:

    The “kinds” of animals selected had reference to the clear-cut and unalterable boundaries or limits set by the Creator, within which boundaries creatures are capable of breeding “according to their kinds.” It has been estimated by some that the hundreds of thousands of species of animals today could be reduced to a comparatively few family “kinds”—the horse kind and the cow kind, to mention but two. The breeding boundaries according to “kind” established by Jehovah were not and could not be crossed. With this in mind some investigators have said that, had there been as few as 43 “kinds” of mammals, 74 “kinds” of birds, and 10 “kinds” of reptiles in the ark, they could have produced the variety of species known today. Others have been more liberal in estimating that 72 “kinds” of quadrupeds and less than 200 bird “kinds” were all that were required. That the great variety of animal life known today could have come from inbreeding within so few “kinds” following the Flood is proved by the endless variety of humankind—short, tall, fat, thin, with countless variations in the color of hair, eyes, and skin—all of whom sprang from the one family of Noah.

    There are about 5500 different species (or 'kinds' as JW call them) of mammals we now know about.
    Are they suggesting an incredible rate of evolution here?
    From 43 species of mammals to 5500+ in just 4000 years?

    I don't think this idea really combines with their idea that evolution is a Satanic teaching:

    What ideas has Satan the Devil spread to undermine faith in God? These include the theory of evolution, moral and religious relativism, and doubt concerning the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. We must not let ourselves be affected by such death-dealing ideology. (Col. 2:8) Daily Bible reading and deep meditation are prime defenses against these attacks. Accurate knowledge of God’s Word will fuel our love for Jehovah and our appreciation for his dealings. Such love and appreciation are indispensable if we want to reject false reasonings and keep our faith in Jehovah strong so that we can maintain a pure heart.—1 Tim. 1:3-5.

  • Dunedain

    Some "knuckleheads" that try to support the "flood story", say that Jehovah "MADE" the animals "change" into the, ridiculously huge amount of variety that we have today. Basically, that he "EVOLVED" the animals from just the few samples that were saved on the ark, and then, somehow, distributed this huge, changed, variety, to all the corners of the earth, including mountains, jungles, underground, deserts, islands, and EVERY corner of the world.

    Its kinda ridiculous when you put it in words.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    As I've said before, all it takes is some critical thinking skills to debunk myths of the Bible such as the The Worldwide Flood myth.

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