Noah's ark

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  • Finkelstein

    We must not let ourselves be affected by such death-dealing ideology

    And how does the WTS control people thoughts, knowledge and emotions ?


    The WTS heads utilize fear to the fullest, not only to allure people to their organization but also to retain them as well.

  • Darkknight757

    That the great variety of animal life known today could have come from inbreeding within so few “kinds” following the Flood is proved by the endless variety of humankind

    So like all the animals had like a huge orgy in the ark? Poor Noah...

    Seriously though I can't believe the wts can even come up with articles to support this myth. Why not just say it's a myth or a kids story like the rest of the bible. Geez!

  • Tenacious

    I still believe in the account in Genesis. At least the collective account in Genesis considering some parts are a bit confusing.

    I do however, possess an inquisitive mind which allows for opinions to be researched confirmed or dismissed. Then again, there are those opinions and even established scientific facts that sometimes are hard to believe yet I take things slowly. Just the way I was able to unravel and disrobe the WTS. Okay, maybe using the word "disrobe" was not good.

  • dothemath

    Enjoying all your analysis, and also the in- depth research Anders Anderson.

    I vaguely recall reading somewhere the idea from an awake that after the flood, the increased ultraviolet light (that water canopy was now gone) caused more variation.

    Basically endorsing the idea of mutations......they should just give up and use some "discernment" and "wisdom".

  • prologos

    Basically endorsing the idea of mutations......they should just give up and use some "discernment" and "wisdom".

    Why does wt not give up?, the real flood idea is central to their beliefs. Gd intervenes, and will again at Armageddon, like the days of Noah, world reserved for fire, scary. If Genesis is not inspired, then no talking snake, no sin, no contributing to the wt. puff!

  • Crazyguy
    Just thought of this flaw in the story. As we know most water is salt water. After the flood one would expect all fresh water lakes and ponds to be filled with salt water. So how long does it take to filter out salt naturally and how many lakes would possibly never be filtered and remain saltwater lakes? How many animals would die for lack of fresh water since all lakes were saltwater for a time.

    ""It has been estimated by some that the hundreds of thousands of species of animals today could be reduced to a comparatively few family “kinds”—the horse kind and the cow kind, to mention but two. The breeding boundaries according to “kind” established by Jehovah were not and could not be crossed"""

    And then the sum total is .......................we are not told who the Some are !!!

    Here we go again - divining quotes and force fitting puzzle pieces !

  • smiddy

    There are plenty of sub surface lakes and rivers all over the world that are fresh water , shouldn`t they be salt water ? if the flood was real ?


  • nicolaou
    Tenacious: I still believe in the account in Genesis.

    Why? If you believe because you have faith then why have faith at all? If faith corrupts your thinking to the point where you believe the impossible is possible doesn't that show you the bankruptcy of faith?

    Worse than that in fact, faith damages a person's thinking and reasoning abilities.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    For those who still believe Noah's story is real, read this thorough analysis:

    It's well written, and everyone can understand it.

    Once you've read that, you either have to agree that the story is missing a lot of 'and Jehovah miraculously made sure that', or that it's not to be taken literal.

    And of course if GB as God's chosen bible explainers can't get their explanation of this simple story right, how should we ever trust their explanation of complicated prophecies and such?

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