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  • steve2
    Anakin, any comment out of step with JWs views of the RC will get you banned. Were you not aware of that?
  • Anakin

    Yes, stevie, you are right mI was aware of that, but I couldn't resist, it was stronger than myself, I felt myself in a prison, and their replies of the RC, all in favour of the policies of the JW, sometimes ignorant, was the breaking point for me..And I made a long reply based on evidence from the transcript from the RC.. And then the war was open with the moderators, and ended up to a banning .. They took immediately a conclusion that I was an adversary, in one day..after a few post.

    . They sended me a PM, a confidential talk with the moderators, where The reason why they banned me is that we don"t fit with each others, like I said.. (This is absurd, because I never said it.) And suggested to wait a while until their concerns about me where answered..

    But my answer was, that my concerns about JW talk where answered now, and that I also don't agree, with their system of warning points, and banning system, because to sensitive brothers and sisters it could create depressed feelings, after such threathment, of a so called JW forum,and therefore, they have to delete my account...

    I am waiting for their answer, but I will never log in anymore in such a forum, where only worshippers of men, and the we are never wrong mentality is a predominant factor in the minds of the moderators..

    I am happy to be here where freedom of speech is allowed, where we can dissagree, with respect for each other opinions , without beeing so controlled by moderators, in everything you post..

  • Anakin

    Today, I received a notification of a moderat, with a description, of a psychiatric disorder, and after, that suggesting that I could be emotionally unstable, because of being so zealous, in the RC case..not in favor of the WT..

    I send them a notification, again, in stating that they are not psychiatrist, and have not the real qualifications, to make such ignorant statements, only because we dissagree on the RC..submissions..

    I am so happy, that I am not being part anymore of such JW site..

  • flipper

    Holy sh*t. They actually used the "mentally diseased" propaganda on you. They have decided you are an apostate.

    Stupid robots.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • Anakin

    Hey flipper

    I really don't care about their childissh, and ignorant assertions they made, I'ts their choice, and thieir decision, to ban somebody, ultimately it'ts their website, and they have the right to thake this measures..but there will be certainly members, who will have questions about it, I really no doubt about it.. But some fundamental thruth must be saiid:

    Their website, has not the approval, of the society, if they made such claims, and labeling some as apostates, would not automatically have the approval from the Watch Tower.. In the publications brothers and sisters are not really encouraged to start, and mantaining such websites..

    Thus, I really doubt, if their claims, of such individuals, has to taken seriously, if they don't rappresent , and are not substained by the Wach Tower society, , the WT will never substained, , The fact that they are visiting this site, and reading posts, and being so hypocritical, in doing the exact contrary they preach.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    The mods over there definitely read on here too, that will be why you got banned.

    There was a poster on there that got outed to his elders a while back because jwtalk mods found out he was posting here too. They're only too happy to play judge and jury so be careful!

  • Anakin

    Thani you for your advice,

    but I am not afraid..why? I will explain it on a PM, if you like to know..

    from now one, I will send a PM on request, about this topic..,so if they lurks here, and indeed they do, they will not know everything, btw, at their forum, only members are allowed in certain topics, are if you want to participate,.. If they want to play it smart, I will do the same..

  • Vidiot

    disposable hero - "The mods over there definitely read on here too..."


    Yet another layer of hypocrisy.

    Who knew?

  • konceptual99

    JWTalk is what it is.

    It's an independent website that has it's own set of rules. If you want to go and play there then you accept the rules they have.

    They have addressed the matter of creating the website in the site FAQ. They try and maintain the place as safe for those fully in members by aggressively moderating the site. I think they are judgemental, underhand and restrictive of open and free expression but that's no different to the organisation they follow.

    You have to remember that if they allowed open debate then the place would be full of apostates arguing the toss and they would not have the site they want. You have to remember that turning up there and coming out with questions, statements or topics that are controversial or could be perceived as critical is no different to walking into a new hall as as stranger and starting such a conversation with a bunch of the local elders. You are going to stand out like a sore thumb.

    Mods there are self righteous and love to act as judge and jury. What's new there? They are paranoid about apostates and not adverse to underhand tactics but again, can you really be that surprised? It their playground and their rules. If you are a fifth column apostate over there then you are already playing dirty.

    The whole of the organisation is based on the rule that you can have any opinion you like just so long as it's ours. Why does anyone expect JWTalk to be any different?

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    You absolutely right conceptual, that concentrated pot of simpering jdubs is simply a reflection of the bOrg it's come from, and we shouldn't expect any different.

    Although the underhanded techniques they employ and the double standards of commanding others not to read apostate stuff then spending time on here looking for people they can judge (Christ - "judge not" ) are hardly Christian.

    Yes, you, mister elder there, I'm talking to you, you may be able to justify it in your own mind, but really? Feed the poor, follow the counsel in the last verse of James 1, you know, do what EVERY OTHER CHURCH IN THE WORLD DOES, (and many many atheist organisations do too), and stop wasting your time here. Or if you're going to spend time reading here, be intellectually honest with yourself and get to grips with why we don't believe jdub teachings anymore. Sign up, argue your faith, if its the truth then you'll win right? Even if you don't change everyone's minds it's a good witness right? Isn't that part of your ministry, to bring back the lost sheep, the one lost sheep that the angels rejoice over while the 99 are safe in the fold? Those are Jesus' words, so why would the org tell you not to try to bring us back? Be proud of your faith, not sneaky. But be HONEST with yourself. If the truth is the truth then you have nothing to fear from defending it publicly.

    I say this not as a taunt but with genuine human feeling. I've been there, secretly reading stuff I shouldn't have. (Not to catch people, but because I had unanswered questions). I've found answers here, where questions CAN be asked, where free conversation can be had, where people won't ostracise you because of a different opinion. Welcome brother!

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