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  • Alive!

    Was sipping my coffee, browsing here and there, and then focussed on reading here regarding ARC, picked up some world news on same subject - and wondered if JW org would publish any information on their news site.

    Then, I flicked to JW Talk - anything in their public news forum? Yes. A newish headline 'Australia and Jehovah's Witnesses' or something like that - I entered link - web page error, not found. Tried again. Nope. Made another coffee, guessed the topic had been removed....as per WTBTS ways - went back in 20 minutes...headline disappeared completely.

    Do these people sleep at night? Do they feel comfortable with themselves - knowingly hiding from the real news?

  • sir82

    Do you have an account there, or were you just browsing as a visitor?

    I suspect they moved the topic to one of their member-only forums.

  • Alive!

    Ah - no, not a member.

    Yes, perhaps it was moved out of public sight. Of course.

  • millie210

    I just went to JWTalk and all I could see was in their alternative news section.

    Is that private?

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Just checked the lengthy thread, yes hidden quickly in members only. Lot of how unfair and biast the trial was, how Angus was influenced by apostates and how governments (thus the ARC) are controlled by Satan. Positive words about the WTBTS response to the mean and nasty Guardian article and positive notes on GB member Jackson's testimony.

    You wonder whether they are following the same court case as we are...

  • slimboyfat
    Are they talking about Herd's announcement over there too?
  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Yes SBF, but that is in the public part. Sam Herd's explanation is highly appreciated, as is the wisdom of the GB to use the funds wisely.


  • Tenacious

    Those dumb ass** are in denial and couldn't tell the difference between their navel and their rectum.

    I've been there and I can only take so much before I feel like I'm suffocating.

    The delusional state is incredible and quite hard to take.

    If the GB asked them to go home and kill themselves as the only way into paradise they'd do it!

  • slimboyfat


    They all look like apostates pretending to be believers on JW Talk.

  • NewYork44M

    Sam Herd's explanation is highly appreciated, as is the wisdom of the GB to use the funds wisely.

    DS, I took a look at these comments from the link you posted. If comments related to the RC report were anything like this, is all I can do is shake my head in wonderment.

    The people on this site have drunk the Kool-Aid, went back for seconds, and licked the bowl clean dry. These are not people that having a discussion with will create any value.

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