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    Designer Stubble

    Here a few ARC related comments from JWTALK:

    Angus Stewart attacks Monica Applewhite in 10 pages. (pp. 115 - 125) That is what apostates do, they attack people or an individual. Does he have a life??
    Out of 64K publishers in that land, that's not alarming. In this system there will probably be ones with that issue in their life. To me it doesn't matter if it's the same ones or different ones committing the offenses. There will always probably be some kind of problem with the friends - in this system of things.
    It still looks to me as though he was more influenced by reasoning from outsiders including apostates than by the facts

    No compassion for the victims...

  • punkofnice
    Do these people sleep at night? Do they feel comfortable with themselves - knowingly hiding from the real news?

    Yes. they really don't care as long as they have prestige, money and power. They are complete criminals and less than human. They are worse than monsters.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    they are gods chosen few--they are going to survive armageddon any day soon-----its totally understandable why they feel like this.

    smug is the word best describes them

  • Vidiot

    slimboyfat - "They all look like apostates pretending to be believers on JW Talk."

    Poe's Law.

  • Alive!

    So because Monica Applewhite (a 'worldly' right?) was asked questions which exposed poor understanding of the Royal Commission as she put herself into a position of defending the WT, rather than working with the bigger picture - that is to uncover bad practices and improve procedures in child abuse cases - the angry 'JW ' then claims Applewhite was 'attacked'... She was not attacked, she was asked to explain her report and findings - and in the light of truth, had to admit problems.

    And Angus was influenced by apostates? Actually, it seemed to me that he was influenced by an unrelenting drive to not take any Bull.

    The JW testimonies exposed a tendency to lie, duck and dive.

    Does anyone remember McKellrns reaction when they discovered that Jackson was NOT just a leader in the translation department who would have no value to add to the 'discussions' but an anointed GB member who votes on ALL scriptural decisions - a guardian of doctrine.

    They told one lie after another - I watched it all.... and not as a biased apostate whatever that is - but with 'clean' ears. The JW team exposed themselves and did not leave anyone with a sense of trust in their honesty or transparency.

    I was so ashamed.

  • shadow
    I thought the bit about Jackson not having anything to do with it was the most dramatic. Too bad it isn't in the report. and must not be any perjury charges
  • Vidiot

    "That is what apostates do, they attack people or an individual."

    Pot, meet kettle.

  • Anakin

    Hey, Glad you made a topic on JW talk.. First I want you to say that I am a member there on that forum, and that there is a topic going on, on the submissions of the RC, they have only put on the submissions of the WT laywers.. A lot of members there, are reacting on te same way: they believe that the RC, is influenced by apostate lies, others are trying to prove that it is an instrument of satan,,There is someone who is a member, and is trying to give an rationalized, and proper, and honest view about the RC, case.. he even wrote that there has been inconsistencies by the elders, legal department.. But the moderators, and even other members jumped on him, and made the remarks, that he is very offensive against the slave.. Suddenly he received a personal PM of one of the moderators telling him, that his posts will not appear anymore on JW forum, they will approve them (the moderators), before posting them..he lost his status as senior member on JW talk, but he don't cares about it.. ( sorry for my bad English) they now hade made the announcement on the that topic, that nobody has to post anymore,, because warning points are giving who will insisting on posting on that topic.. You can see that even on JW talk, members are feeling that something is wrong.. And they try to stop it, in giving warning points, and, stop to post opinions of senior members, because they are afraid I think... I will inform you of further developments going on ..

  • wannaexit
    Thanks Anakin. That's a different breed of jw over there on jwtalk.
  • Anakin

    If you are objective, then, you must conclude that they are tollerant, until you are very positive about the organization, the moderators are very suspicious types I guess, and have the we are never wrong syndrome ..

    the member I mentioned gave his comments about Dr Appelwhite, and said that she didn't knew a lot of the internal procedures about sexuale abuse..And that she failed in her task.. Again a moderator was reacting, and saying that it was his opinion, and that she did well a good work

    suddenly another member used a note of a submission to demonstrate that the authorities did give freedom at the abuser after three years without being monitored in the community, thus why is the prosecuter attacking our policies, instead of the mistakes made by the authorities in these particular case? he replied

    What I noted, and I found that reply from that member, whom posts they are controlling very important: He replied, rather than going on a defence modus, nobody of you spoke about the abused victims involved

    but even that was not true in their eyes..

    I well take you informed about their circle reasonings...

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