P. Ms Letter to non subscibers to Redress Scheme

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    Hi all,

    Spotted this article this morning. I will try to post a link.



    Institutions refusing to join the national redress scheme are "doubling down" on the crime of child sexual abuse, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says.

    Mr Morrison and Social Services Minister Anne Ruston have warned institutions they may lose funding and tax concessions if they fail to sign up by Tuesday's deadline and will be named and shamed.

    "All institutions are doing in not joining is doubling down on the crime and doubling down on the hurt," they said in a letter to 25 institutions.

    "We consider it to be reprehensible that you have failed to sign up to the scheme."

    The Jehovah's Witnesses is among the organisations that has refused to sign up, arguing it does not have the institutional settings of other faith-based institutions that the redress scheme is designed to cover.

    Senator Ruston is set to name the non-participating institutions on Wednesday, when she will announce what action the federal government will take against them.

    "We urge you to join the scheme not because of concerns about being identified, but because it is the right thing to do," the minister and Mr Morrison said.

    "It is the right thing to do by survivors and their families and it is what every, decent, honest, Australian demands."

    The letter confirmed financial sanctions including the removal of charitable status and tax concessions were possible.

    "Institutions that do not provide a clear statement of intent by 30 June 2020 will be publicly identified and the government is considering other actions including the appropriateness of future funding and tax status."

    The letter was sent to 25 institutions on Friday, urging them to commit to join the scheme by Tuesday.

    Those 25 institutions, which were either named in redress applications or the child abuse royal commission, are holding up claims from 103 survivors.

    Legal service Knowmore's principal lawyer Anna Swain said survivors hoped institutions did the right thing, but expected some victims would miss out on compensation and acknowledgement.

    "There will be many people who are left incredibly distressed and disappointed," Ms Swain told AAP.

    Religious, community, charity, education and sporting organisations have had two years to opt in to the scheme.

    Ms Swain said survivors wanted action against those that refused to join.

    "They will still continue to fight and they want every possible action to be taken to try to hold these institutions accountable."

    As of June 12, the scheme had received 7133 applications and made 2501 payments totalling almost $202 million.

    A further 623 redress offers are awaiting an applicant's decision.

    Australian Associated Press

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    can't seem to get the link up



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    Thank you. Will be watching this with interest.

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    The WT will lose it’s tax exempt charitable status in Australia, I’m certain of it.

    If the WT joins the redress it would certainly cost them 10’s of millions dollars, potentially in excess of 100 million.

    The WT also refuses to change internal policies and procedures, so they’ve really given their middle finger to the whole commission.

    They’ve got it coming

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    Down with the tower!! 👍🏻

  • Atlantis
  • StephaneLaliberte
    The WT will lose it’s tax exempt charitable status in Australia, I’m certain of it.

    I doubt it.

    To take JWs off of their charitable status would imply not recognizing them as a religion. Unfortunately, thought the JWs actions were cruel and outright immoral, they didn’t break the law.

    To fight the problem at its core, Australia will need to pass laws meant to enforce some of the findings of that commission. For instance, requiring religions to report child abuse. Once they fail to do it, Australia will need to prosecute the dissidents and send them to jail. These will then be in jail, not for their faith, but purely for not reporting ongoing child abuse.

    Now, if the JWs leaders refuse to comply with such laws, this would make their organization a criminal one. Only then will Australia be able to question the religious status of the JWs.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door


    Your arguments are accurately strong. However, the court of public opinion will weigh differently. And speaking as someone with close family ties to the continent I can tell you the fall out for JWs is exponentially worse than any law of the land could compel.

    This is no accident and the commission knows very well how its agenda will ultimately hurt the JWs (and others like them) bottom line across the states of Aus.

    Revisit this theme in 5 years time and I assure you the JWs wont be a blip on the map of organized religion on the island.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Each compensation claim is capped at $150 000.00 AUD.

    If every JW victim in Australia got the full amount we are talking over $150 million AUD.

    It wont be that much but it could add up to serious dollars.

    Here is another news article from today, the institutions are also required to issue a personal apology to any victims and offer counselling.


    Also, this : https://www.nationalredress.gov.au/institutions/institutions-named-royal

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