Letter asking for RV’s

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  • menrov

    I do not see WT mentioned on the site. Many other religions though.

  • Overrated

    Too bad there is no in person meetings. I like to donate a handful of metal washers.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Wasn't us. It was Goatlike personality's video


  • JWTom

    This letter was read a couple of months ago. I asked, but never received a definitive answer on why they were asking for these. The letter did not provide an answer either. Most speculate that it is for Ramapo....but most travel trailers are not setup for New York winters and that would be an incredibly high maintenance approach to housing people.

    Another idea is simply selling them at a large profit due to the pandemic induced demand for this type of vehicle/trailer. Also, someone suggested that possibly they are wanting these for disaster relief workers that need to be mobile....not sure if there is any truth to these or not.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Howdy Heretics. LOL. That gets me everytime. ROFL.

    Anyway I watched that Goatlike video with Heather Rants recently also. They were relating how the Borg is now seeming to ask for Convention donations in advance.

    Yes I know exaclty. This is not the Borg that I knew and grew up with it's like WTF the last few years.

    Especially when you hear about not only the request for donations, but meeting clips of donating flyer miles and reward points. Now they ask for your campers also.??!? It's like WTF.

    Heather related how if the Borg is now seeming to ask for Convention donations in advance,, it could be proof of the Borg going bust.

  • Overrated

    Newly Enlightened- Nice Avatar! My favorite Couple who bring burning truth about Watchtower! Keep up the good work!

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