It seems the 'end' might come by way of humans stupidity, not a plan of a god

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    It seems the 'end' might come by way of humans stupidity, not a plan of a god.

    who will clean up the mess?



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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Sowhatnow:- "It seems the "end" may come by way of humans stupidity,not a plan of a god"

    The Rebel (A) Personally I think over-population is the biggest threat to humanity, combined with human greed.

    The Rebel.

  • smiddy

    The Rainforest`s are often described as the lungs of the Earth , if we keep destroying these RF without replenishing them in some way , we will eventually kill ourselves off .It may still be a long off , way in the future , however , it is an eventuallty that will occur unless we take drastic action to forestall it .


  • punkofnice

    Who knows what will happen. The human race is not as great as some think it is. It will be no loss to the universe if mankind becomes extinct. I think that the human race will die out at some stage. Probably not too far into the future.....but I'm not basing that assumption on any evidence.

    I can imagine if some twat in power (We've seen plenty of twat politicians in power in the UK), is diagnosed with a terminal illness they might decide to take everyone with them and press 'the button'. I would hope there are things in place to stop that, but who knows?

    Anyway, grump over!

  • Diogenesister

    DJS admittedly the title of the OP was a bit OTT, but Huston we do have a problem, and I get the Orig.posters anology of the nagging parent - sometimes you have to scream to get the world's attention.

    Besides, he was asking for opinions.

  • DJS


    I gave him a LOT of evidence that refutes his hysterics. And an opinion. The water and air are both much, much better than a century ago and since civilization began wherever lots of humans convened together. Do you know what caused the immediate increase in life expectancies in the early part of the 20th Century? Chlorinated water. Do some homework. The water supplies in cities around the globe were killing people for thousands of years.

    Our rivers and lakes are also much cleaner due to regulation and treated wastewater. We may opine about pristine water supplies from our misty memory youth, but wherever people lived for thousands of years you didn't want to drink the water. Water supplies were used for bathing, cleaning, laundry, drinking - and sewage disposal Raw sewage. And a convenient place to dispose of animal - and sometimes human - carcasses (you know, the ones that died of the plague or some infection). Geesh people. Get a fukking clue.

    Do you know what contributed to the increase in global population occurring in the 20th Century? Longer lifespans (see water above). For 100,000 years the average life expectancy for humans was somewhere in the 24-34 year range. It is now approaching 80 in industrialized nations. The population 'explosion' is due in large part to several generations suddenly living MUCH longer. Google it. There are also many nations where the population is either stable or receding. It's called prosperity and education, the more of which results in lower birth rates. The birth rates of nearly all of the countries on the planet are much lower than ever, and as 3rd world nations gain prosperity and education, experts predict the planet's population will find a very nice equilibrium, sustainability. Google it.

    The planet is being reforested at nearly an even rate as it is being deforested. Google it. Plus, all lives matter. I mean, all trees matter - not just the rain forests. Do you know why there are more trees in N American and Europe than there were 100 years ago but why we have very few old growth forests??? We cut them down on our way to building a sustainable economic model. But replanting and re-forestatation continues, and Brazil and others are improving their behavior in these areas.

    They paved paradise and they put up a parking lot. We get it Joni.

    Cherry picking the worst of the worst in order to support hysterical end of time nonsensical views is what we left behind in a hate filled end of time cult. Employing confirmation bias in order to support such narrow minded views is what we left in a hate filled end of time cult.

    At least some of us.

  • TheWonderofYou
  • DJS

    This OP illustrates the primary issue with this site. It is divided by those who feel, perceive, believe and then support those feelings, perceptions and beliefs with confirmationally biased information - and those who leave emotions and beliefs far behind and seek evidence, the more empirical the better, for most if not all issues and topics.

    It doesn't matter whether the topic is religious or secular, we immediately divide along these lines. Education would help those led and driven by their emotions, based on the statistics. Being smarter would too, and that can also be obtained. But the one thing that would help the irrational hysterics, the feeler perceivers, the believers and the confirmationally biased amongst us is to make up your tiny little minds - and remove your furry little cloved feet from the concrete in which they are embedded - that you will live a life based on evidence. That you will become an empiricist.

    That is my only objective for being on this site.

    I also wonder if any of the hysterics on this site have ever traveled intra or internationally. If you have, it would be difficult for me to believe that you would still be stuck in hysteria-ville. This is an amazing and beautiful planet. Our cities are being transformed into livable, beautiful, sustainable places. Our communities are getting smarter and more environmentally pleasing. We are addressing most if not all of the problems mentioned by the hysterics amongst us. Some will take time. The current meeting of the world's leaders regarding climate change is an excellent example that we 'get' it as a species (thank you thewonderofyou).

  • TheWonderofYou

    We are capable of doing it, at least.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    DJS, thank you for your posts, which i believe in your opinion were essentially pointing out how deluded many citizens of society are about climate change?

    Anyway maybe the truth is probably most people are not us educated as you on these matters.They may also not have the intelligence to understand " confirmationally based information". But would you not agree, that at least by showing an interest in our environment,even if it's a deluded interest they are showing an ethical passion and love for the world and humanity which is better than sitting on a comfortable sofa watching reality T.V?

    The Rebel.

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