It seems the 'end' might come by way of humans stupidity, not a plan of a god

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  • DJS

    The Rebel,

    You have my vote for MIP - Most Improved Poster. Thanks for your contributions. If the passion is causing more harm than good then it is neither ethical nor better than reality tv. But you do make a point; sometimes the hysterics are needed to get the attention of those who can make a difference. Sometimes. But not often. Those who make decisions most often listen to the empiricists and empirical data. And when the decision makers think of someone as an hysteric, they typically dismiss everything that person has to say.

    And the hysterics typically create a counter-force that results in inertia and a lack of real progress, at least for a while. And they can often discredit the very cause they hold dear. One of the 'arguments' employed by the Rush Limbaugh ditto heads against climate change is that the climate changers have often used faulty 'evidence' and data to support over the top predictions (which they view as hysterics). Which is true. They have. But the overwhelming empirical data from real scientists supports climate change - and the potential for harm to the planet. At least that's what they are telling me on the Marshall Islands.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Well DJS maybe I will loose your vote for M.I.P. Most improved poster.

    But interpretating your last post, are you not saying how deluded most citizens are, who walk the streets and consider recycling makes a change to climate change?

    I would say. Perhaps it does, perhaps not- who can really foretell?

    You see my point is, that each recycled bottle can is real progress and not inertia, simply because often it is the biggest impact an individual feels they can personally make. Admittedly it's not such a noble act, but it's integrity.

    The Rebel.

  • DJS


    My last post, in no manner whatsoever, is minimizing actions taken to protect our planet. Recycling is rational; it isn't hysterical. Utilizing our planet's resources in an economic manner is rational; it isn't hysterical.

    Protesting against those who are harming the environment is rational, not hysterical. I'm not sure how you gleaned any of this from my comments. I'm pro environment and I believe that we are causing harm with some of our decisions, but some of the climate changers hurt their cause by some of the very wrong predictive models that they presented.

    Making irrational, even hysterical, statements about the environment - or anything else for that matter - that are not and cannot be supported by real evidence - is the topic to which I refer.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    DJS thanks for the reply and "Noted" but can recycling my bottles be supported by "real" evidence that it makes a "difference" to the environment?

    The Rebel

  • sowhatnow

    lol, well, somehow my avitar temporarily made me a 'him' in the eyes of a couple of you ,

    so i guess now Im a hysterical woman?. I did not write to book, lol.

    there is apparently a theme to how the earth 'cleanses ' itself of harmful viruses. were a harmful virus, we turn against each other like a faulty immune system.

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