Women's March on Washington

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Simon nailed it in his first post on page 1.

    Lots of trendy women protesting against a verbally-incontinent buffoon because he said some offensive things about women. Boo-f**king- hoo.

    Meanwhile, there are real misogynistic dictatorships spread across the globe that punish and kill women, treat them like stray dogs, and these same women have little or nothing to say about it.

    The lack of perspective shown by these protestors is truly astounding.

    You know, in yesterday's Spectator there was an article that said only the right kind of women were welcome to these marches. I'll go one further - these marches also have to have the right kind of target.

    The right elects Donald Trump and somehow the left gets blamed - you still don't get it.

  • Simon

    Look into the people and groups behind this march, it's all part of the slow sinister taking over of the left by fascist islam / anti-israeli groups



    Think about Clinton's links to islamic states through contributions to her 'foundation' AND her closest aide's links to islamic extremist groups.

    Think about women, supposedly at a womens march about freedom from oppression, being handed out hijabs to wear and how many pre-printed posters showed islamic themed women's dress. Pure propaganda and conditioning.

    Think about the way there was no protesting anywhere near embassies for countries that are the epitome of evil when it comes to mistreatment of women in the world.

    This is a movement being hijacked by groups and an ideology that would put them right at the bottom and everyone claps and cheers.

    The fact that Trump is "honey badger" enough to speak up against Islam and not sell America out like so many leaders in so many other countries have done is at least one reason to be thankful.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Interesting first link.

    So, one of the groups Soros has ties with called Maajid Nawaz an 'anti-Muslim extremist'? Unbelievable.

    Will read the second link later, when I have time ...

  • flipper

    AZOR- I agree with your opening thread. I understand and get why not only women, but men as well were demonstrating . It's to give a STRONG warning to the Trump administration that many people in America and the free world ACROSS the world are NOT going to allow him to exploit the office of president to control, slash freedoms of minorities, women, lower and middle class Americans by stealing their health care without replacing it as well. And then you throw in the Russian hacking of the election- and THIS is the result- millions of people demonstrating in the streets in rebellion against what they see as prejudiced and unjust leadership.

    My mom who just died was the main person in my life who taught me respect, dignity, diplomacy, kindness, and justice towards all people. I learned that from a WOMAN a FEMALE. My dad not so much. His main concern was being an elder in the JW organization.

    Donald Trump is the epitome of what a dictator is- arrogant, controlling, self absorbed, he's more concerned about his outward appearance or how many tweets he gets- as opposed to middle and lower class Americans getting fair and just treatment. If he could abolish " freedom of press " or " freedom of speech " from the constitution- he would do it.

    I really fear for this country and where it's headed as this ignorant man takes office. Like Sting said in a song " History will Teach us Nothing " - I fear that statement is so true for many people in this country. But at least over a million people worldwide stood up for values and justice yesterday and will hopefully continue as time goes on. We can only hope it has some effect on the current U.S. administration

  • Bangalore

    Wonder if they are aware how women are treated in countries like Saudi Arabia.

  • azor

    A couple of questions for all of you that want to compare how the West treats women and how the Islamic countries do.

    Do you think the undermining of women's dignity and rights in the West would help or hurt women in other parts of the world?

    How do you propose we help women in Islamic countries? Should we invade them and potentially start WWIII, killing more women then we could hope to help?

    These questions are why I think those that bring up this point are just posturing.

  • FedUpJW

    These women "protesting" were pretty much all dressed for the weather, they all had a satisfactory breakfast, they all had the financial ability to get to D.C. from wherever they traveled from, many of them probably even had the support of the men in their lives. To complain and whine about their treatment as women is hypocritical IMO. Let's see them engage in the exact same protest in countries that truly mistreat women. The countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China...and what about going and protesting against female "circumcision" in the countries that ritualistically practice that? No, in my opinion these are just entitlement minded females who have nothing better to do with their time than whine.

    Now let the bashing begin. I have stated an opinion and I stand by it.

  • flipper

    FEDUPJW- The protest wasn't JUST about treatment of women. It was about equal rights for minorities, women, fair and just treatment for all citizens of the United States including middle and lower class health care which has both men and women equally up in arms right now. I felt the protest was a good thing. Apparently millions of people worldwide felt the same

  • azor

    FedUpJW great posturing. I guess women should just stand by when the executive at their work place leers at them because women in another part of the world have it worse.

    So I guess if you were being verbally abused at work you would just stay there and take it since people in other parts of the world have it much worse.

    How demeaning you are being. Yeah sit down and shut up you women and show some appreciation for how good you have it. A President like no other. No experience. Who has said and supported treating you as nothing more than a sex toy. But you can work now. I can hear them now saying to you "thank you thank you master you are so good to me."

  • Sanchy

    These folks protest and march, yet really I see no clear direction nor objective, as was the case with the occupy movement. For the most part I just see angry folks venting, throwing their fists up, and claiming victim status. On the opposite side of the political spectrum, shortly after Obama's rise, the tea party organized itself to win political victories nationwide in local, state and federal seats and policy.

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