Women's March on Washington

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  • bohm
    It is a small but loud element on the left and right that are causing these issues. As we disenfranchise the mass in the middle we push them to the extremes.

    This is very true. The funny thing is that rhetorically these two factions are nearly indistinguishable (outrage, shock, ridicule, intellectual superiority, victimhood) and feed off each other by continuously pointing out the worst actions of "the other camp". Problems in their own camp is always met with: "Yes but look at..."

  • just fine
    just fine

    Yes I did. I wish there was another, better choice, but there wasn't. And before anyone accuses me of being privileged - I left a cult in my early twenties and had to figure life out. I worked, put myself through school, and worked my way up to an executive level manager within 14 years of leaving. It hasn't been easy and I didn't have family support or money. My failures were not because I was a woman, but due to my inexperience and stupidity.

  • bohm


    Trump has said there are no real protesters to his election, they are either paid protesters or violent extremists. I am sure he will just say the numbers are just being exaggerated by the media, just like he said they lied about how few attended his inauguration, be we saw what we saw: hundreds of thousands of people telling Trump to stuff it.

    I wished I had gone as well. Trumpism can't take peaceful protests because a peaceful protest indicates that those protesting are peaceful and reasonable.

    I predict there will be a ton of propaganda pushing two ideas:

    1) The protests are not peaceful (cue picture of a overturned car, somewhere, and much talk about Black lives matter)

    2) some of the protesters had ridiculous signs and are really just liberal crybabies.

    BTW, spot on about the crowd-size. Did you watch the press conference?

  • scratchme1010

    Attention needs to be kept for however long it's necessary on the misogynistic nature of this man. What we are seeing is stirred Mama bears. You don't mess with them, and he has. I believe that what we're seeing is just the beginning. It's often been said that America is like a sleeping tiger, and that you tread at your own risk by shaking a stick at it. I believe the appropriate description at this time is that America is an angry Mama bear.

    It's going to be a long four years. I have to admit, azor, at some point I was feeling like women were having it easier in this country than any other minority. This election made me change my mind about that, big time.

  • LisaRose
    BTW, spot on about the crowd-size. Did you watch the press conference?

    No, I subscribe to the Washington Post, which has great coverage, plus I have first hand accounts from my daughter-in-law.

  • bohm

    LisaRose: I meant the WH press conference. You really must see it, it is one of the most surreal things I have seen in my life:


  • LisaRose


    Thank you for sharing.

  • smiddy

    I just wonder how many of these women and men joining these protest marches around the USA against Trump bothered to even vote. My guess would be not many.

    Had they bothered to take the time and effort to vote Trump may not be President today

    It seems they only accept the democratic process when its in their favour

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • azor

    Smiddy how would you know? What are you basing your conjecture on?

    Just fine you are an example of an under informed voter. You gave away your position by praising ivankas stand for women's rights. What exactly has she done for the betterment of women other than enriching her own pocket.

  • bohm

    smiddy: I would assume most of the protesters voted Hillary?

    It is hard for the left to win: The right elects Donald Trump and somehow the left gets blamed...

    If we get to blame anyone, why not blame the people who voted Trump for Trump being in power?

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