How Do You Think The USA Should Allow Illegal Immigrants To Freely Flow Into The Country?

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  • Crazyguy2

    Illegal immigration kills countries from an economically. It no different then sending all the jobs overseas just their coming here. In away it’s worse because when they get here they use government services and healthcare and give not much of anything back.

    Its been stated that most immigrants from Latin America send half their paychecks back to their country of origin so they don’t even spend as much here as a legal civilians. It’s a giant sucking of the economy. Jobs stay low paying because illegals will work them and Americans can’t.

    I feel for the immigrants and would come here myself if I was one but long term it’s not good for this country.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    It's ok Trump is really smart, he's like a very stable genius. He'll figure it out. If not Pennywise, ahem, Steven Miller will.

  • WTWizard

    Why, so they can flood our system with crime and violence? Do we really need more weed, cocaine, heroin, and meth in our country? Most of that comes either from Mexico, South America, or portions of the Middle East. I don't want it here.

    Nor do I want our native population replaced--nor do I want political correctness laws to be even more extreme than they already are. Do you really want it to be "offensive" to use terms that actually refer to common items (such as a popular vegetable) because they are taken as slur for people from certain countries? Or, do you want to have to speak Spanish to accommodate them? Everything will be required to be in Spanish--so they won't have to learn English to live in a place where English is the official language.

    And, illegal immigrants as a group are the ones that are lazy and have bad work ethics. While there are exceptions to this, most of those would try to enter the country legally instead of sneaking in (along with their 18 kids so they can have a sob story about getting in, and another one to gather welfare and drive up housing costs for the rest of us). They also tend to drive wages down, because they will work for piddling, displacing native workers and forcing them also to work for piddling. If that's what you want, by all means support illegal immigration.

    Otherwise, they should all be deported, sob story or none (and that might dissuade others from marching their 200 children through Mexico just to present this sob story). And, unless you want to abandon English to learn their Spanish, nothing should be in Spanish. They want to legally immigrate, they need to learn our language and to become fluent in it, not having us needing to become fluent in their language. As is, aside from major tourist cities along the border, I am tired of seeing everything in Spanish far away from the border or any Spanish colonies (such as in Florida). Why I should be able to read Spanish to a degree just from this, without even trying, just because illegal immigrants refuse to master English.

  • Simon

    Well Canada just decided they are shutting the door to the endless stream of 'America didn't give us handouts, let's try Canada instead' "asylum" seekers.

    Question is, if they are not legitimate then why was Trudeau welcoming them in, pissing millions away and risking national security just to score social-justice points on Twitter OR is he now an inhuman bastard turning away poor people who deserve asylum?

    Hint: "he was perfect then and is perfect now" is not an option.

    He'll be gone soon so you Americans, "Canada's Mexicans", can focus your attention on your southern border.

    Nail that thing shut.

  • jeffdavis
    Fuck no, we are not the worlds battered shelter. At some point you have to say its not our problem. You try to pull in everyone into the life boat and every one drowns. Build that wall.
  • zeb

    similar happenings her in australia, Untold numbers coming in by boat and a lot more arriving by plane. why? social security.

    I have seen photos taken of 'boat people' who claim all manner of wrongs done them. The men have huge physiques unnaturally large and the women are wearing tight leather pants and have nails like claws. Meaning? the countries to the north are dumping their criminal classes on us.

    Australia too is not a bottomless pit. Technology has removed so many jobs that once were so there is no work for 'unskilled' displaced people and they all want to go to the big cities. There is a move to send some people to country towns which will fail.

    We are heading for a federal election. The Liberal govt (current) is likely to lose and the incoming Labor will then as always collapse under the demands of the 'Greens' to open the gates once more. And very few politicians in Australia have the balls to say "No" to any country to the north when they 'send-on the build ups of wanderers they have allowed to land in their countries.

    Currently though it is being kept low is the situation of children born to ISS fighters now trounced in Syria but of Australian citizen mothers who having wiped their arses on this country to go to that cause now want to come home and no doubt live well on welfare.

    Alexander the Great said"The peoples of (then) Asia became enslaved because they could not say the word, ""NO"".

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping
    Illegal Immigrants

    They are entering the United States Illegally.

    What does that tell us about the kind of citizens they will be in regards to respecting the laws that protect the citizens of the United States

    The United States culture of prosperity and peace is about to make drastic change in U.S. History. Socialism is slowly being forced into the country and most people can't see it.

    It's like a bible study with the Watchtower. Slowly, and patiently, they get the student to accept no blood, shun the relatives, and be loyal to the organization and sacrifice their life for the benefit of the organization.

    We are definitely in trouble.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The US has no obligation to take in illegal immigrants ... none whatsoever.

    All illegal immigrants should be thrown out.

    It's only fair when you think of the people who queue up nicely - the legal immigrants.

    Looking at the situation more broadly, the US should try and help people in their country of origin (so should other western nations).

    Maybe putting up some money for some decent refugee camps?

  • truth_b_known

    The so called "Asylum Seekers" from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are not eligible for asylum. The fact that there is violence or gang violence in your country is not a valid legal reason. A person may only seek asylum because of persecution for race, religion, or nationality.

    The United States is plagued with violence and gang violence. Look at places such as Los Angeles and Chicago. Where do people living their go to seek asylum?

    This is all about globalization and redistribution of wealth. Two socialist college professors came up with a plan in which a wealthy nation is flooded with poor illegal aliens for the purpose of causing the collapse of the nation's welfare system. In turn, the citizens would seek revolution over the failure of its government to deal with the situation.

  • FedUpJW

    After total control of congress after the election all his failures and world class blunders are still President Bush's fault.

    There I fixed it!

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