Field service shit show

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  • LV101

    lastmanstanding - LOL - love your "showing the face" at a walk around and your "damage" record. Keep up the good track record.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I am pretty good at rounding up myself. One hour of actually ringing a doorbell to see if anyone is home ( rarely) fills from 7:30 to noon of time spent.

  • Phizzy

    Simon said " At one point I naively thought that pioneers were hardcore, dedicated and zealous ... I realized a lot of them were just lazy frauds, who didn't want to work"

    Two of us called on a lovely guy and his Mrs. They invited us in for tea and cakes, we spoke a bit about the Bible etc, and then the lady said " So and So calls on us, I think he is one of yours" ( a local Regular Pioneer), so we said " I guess he has told you all about the Bible then ?" she replied " Oh no, never mentioned it, he just calls in for tea and cakes". Ha Ha !!

  • blubberyk9

    Why go out in FS? It worked for me!!

    It was, in part, when I conducted a study which convinced me that the material we were studying was wrong info!! The householder was loving and kind. I could not see how a loving God could destroy one who obviously loved God like that! I am glad she convinced me...LOL!! That was in the '90's. I am certain the JW's never counted on having a study turn out like that.

  • Vidiot
    moreconfusedthanever - "...they needed to have the hours of service recorded in order to have their charity status so they could show just how much 'charity' was being done..."


    They certainly didn't want to feed or build shelters for the poor and homeless (no guarantee of return on investment, after all)..

    Another fun little fact that reinforces my suspicion that the WTS has allowed its survival to become almost almost dependent on its tax-exemption...

    ...and what's more, that said exemption is at serious risk.

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