Are baptized Witnesses that are no longer in the "truth", but were NEVER DF'D, now to be shunned and treated like disfellowshipped ones?

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  • FedUpJW

    anyone called a brother " who is practicing serious sin. This is true even if no congregation action has been taken, AS MAY BE THE CASE WITH AN INACTIVE ONE.

    Inactivity is the serious sin in Dubby land.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    A baby shower given by my son mother, the JW side of the family. He followed me out over 20 years ago, his wife a Mormon. They were told to bring books for gifts, I wonder what kind of books they will bring, This will be their second shower, the first given by the non- JW side of the family. Family members (non-JW) think it so stupid, will this sh--t ever end......My son haven't been to a meeting in over 20 years and his wife a Mormon, hell he don't know his JW relatives, weird...I don't think they got the word, "treated like DF ones". They(JW's) hoping I will die soon so the family can come together, this sh---t have been going on since 1987.... That little old lady that knocked on my mother's door in 1961 she didn't get my Mom but my sister and that when it all began (the cult),that little old lady died some years ago, out of her F---- mind.....

  • undercover
    The 2016 convention had several talks that warned against associating with ANY who have become inactive, or well as "less spiritual ones" still in the congregation.

    While it may be worded a little more 'in your face', the actual admonition is not really different from years past. They've always warned against associating with anyone who is 'weak' or 'less spiritual'.

    That's not to say they aren't ramping up the rhetoric to instill (more) fear, but stripped down to its essence, it's the same basic tenant as always.

  • Spiral
    Vidiot5 hours ago
    Spiral - "A lot of faded people are in business, etc., in this town so the JWs talk to them like nothing is changed..."

    Of course that's happening.

    Why else do you think the GB is reminding them not to?

    @Vidiot - yes, and that's the strange.....amusing.... (not sure what to call it) thing about it. From what I understand, officially from the bOrg it's all "don't have association with them" but on the "street" nothing has changed. One elder even let one of these faded/living a bad life work on his house (fine with me but that used to be a "no-no" UGH). And yet from some I keep hearing about how the society is getting more modern and enlightened. It's as if everyone hears the talks and reads the magazines differently, to their own tastes. It really seems a bit bizarre to me.

  • tepidpoultry


    Watched Cedars video on the convention

    And it's quite apparent

    That if you are a renegade

    Watch Tower operatives

    Will hunt you down

    And kill you

  • tepidpoultry

    Thank you for allowing me that joke


    It is like the old West

    If the Sheriff can't arrest you in town (within the elders' range)

    Then all brothers and sisters are deputized as judge and executioner

    Shunning you at will

    Cool (sarcasm)

    Aren't you glad the secular justice system doesn't work like this lol


  • tepidpoultry

    Why do Jehovah's Witnesses engage in Shunning?

    Answer: Because they can!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    @ Underover;

    ''While it may be worded a little more 'in your face', the actual admonition is not really different from years past. They've always warned against associating with anyone who is 'weak' or 'less spiritual''''

    You just hit the ball out of the park, my friend!!!

  • dubstepped

    Cobweb nailed it, and we all knew what "serious sin" would represent when we were in, and no it wasn't being inactive. There is no official shunning the faded policy, not that it stops some overzealous ones from doing so.

  • Vidiot
    undercover - "... it may be worded a little more 'in your face'..."

    Well, considering just how much the rank-and-file's been dumbed down over the past few decades, that's probably the only way they can get the message... :smirk:

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