Are baptized Witnesses that are no longer in the "truth", but were NEVER DF'D, now to be shunned and treated like disfellowshipped ones?

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  • Giordano

    This is one of the great weaknesses of the Society and the JW's they go beyond what Jesus taught and demonstrated towards the people of his era.

    They love their old testament 'kill them all' theology.

    The JW conduct puts them in the weakest position of a loving Christen group. No wonder they are filled with disdain for family members and anyone who doesn't toe their exact line. Alienate family and friends first and foremost.

    By bowing to the failed GB they have distanced themselves from the Father and the Son they are supposed to emulate.

    They are on the wrong side of this issue. This doesn't strengthen them...... the reality is it weakens their message and those associated with them.

  • cobweb

    As far as what was actually said at the convention is concerned, the outlines are available to read for yourself.

    This is the outline for the talk titled 'Shun Unrepentant Wrongdoers'

    The outline says the following

    Loyal Christians would not associate with “anyone called a brother” who is practicing serious sin. This is true even if no congregation action has been taken, as may be the case with an inactive one (w85 7/15 19 14) This can be a real trial when a family member is involved. We must not allow strong family ties to lead us to compromise loyalty to Jehovah and his organization (w13 1/15 15-16 16-20)

    They use the term 'serious sin'. That to me does not mean someone who is merely not going to meetings. But I suppose jws will often go beyond the things written as it were.

    There was a talk given on Saturday morning regarding how to treat inactive ones.

    This is the link to the outline:

    It says:

    THEY ARE RELATED TO US IN THE FAITH (1 min.) We are especially interested in helping inactive ones because they are our spiritual brothers and sisters [Read Galatians 6:10] Unlike unbelievers, inactive ones started running in the race for life but may have stopped because of anxieties, hurt feelings, or a sense of guilt (Heb 12:1) We should reflect Jehovah’s interest in helping them (Eze 34:16a) The organization made a concerted effort to visit inactive publishers during the recent Memorial season, and our interest in helping them to return is ongoing HELP THEM RETURN “TO THE SHEPHERD” (5 min.) Inactive ones can return to Jehovah [Read 1 Peter 2:25] Jehovah sent prophets and finally his Son to help the nation of Israel to return (it-2 565 3) Jehovah can use us to help inactive ones return to him. A brief telephone call or a visit will remind them that they have not been forgotten by their spiritual family (km 2/07 8) When inactive publishers attend a congregation meeting, we should welcome them warmly. Avoid asking questions or making statements that may embarrass them. When we meet inactive ones, we should promptly let the elders know. Elders take the lead in ‘going after the lost one’ (Lu 15:4-7) They arrange to visit inactive ones at least once a year. Lost sheep are to be carried back gently by the elders (Lu 15:5) Elders understand that sheep separated from the congregation are likely to be exhausted from mistreatment in Satan’s world and from lack of spiritual nutrition Elders should ensure that all inactive ones receive a copy of the brochure Return to Jehovah

    None of that help for inactive ones involves socializing with them, but they do not mention this applying to family in this talk, so it seems to me like they are not counseling against socialising with a family member who is inactive but not carrying on serious sin.

    Personally, I faded quite some years ago, and I haven't yet had any witness family change their behaviour toward me in the last six months. If they became aware that I was doing something deemed 'serious sin' I suppose that would change. Everyone's experience will be different though, because it relies on individual jw consciences.

  • Phizzy

    I don't think much has changed officially, and yet I do think the GB are trying to get a tighter grip, as they realise that those of us who have simply faded pose a real risk that we may affect the thinking and actions of so far loyal Dubs.

    Even if we never get a chance to "plant a seed", the JW's who see we are living normal, happy lives, really enjoying life away from the cult, may well begin to think how green the grass looks on our side.

    As usual the GB and Writing boys will be careful with what is actually said, but at the same time ramping up paranoia.

  • freddo

    Cobweb has it accurately - this was at last summers regional convention. The WT ref they use is not new it goes back to 1985 - WT 1985 Page 19 para 14. It was all wrapped up in "loyalty" so that those that know how the org works and want to slavishly follow its harsher guidelines can do so.

    DATADOG also has it accurately too - the website says otherwise.

    This is because the borg wish to present themselves as whitewashed graves to the casual reader but inside they are full of rotten bones.

  • flipper

    COBWEB- Thanks for the copy of the convention outline you posted, it really helps me to understand HOW some of my staunch JW relatives misinterpret this information and take it to extremes. Let me explain :

    In the part you posted where it states , " Loyal Christians would not associate with " anyone called a brother " who is practicing serious sin. This is true even if no congregation action has been taken, AS MAY BE THE CASE WITH AN INACTIVE ONE. " I capitalized that part because JW's are ALWAYS through mind control OPEN to WT Society suggestion. Instead of the outline saying " as may be the case with an inactive one " - they might as well just said, " which is USUALLY THE CASE WITH AN INACTIVE ONE. " Because it means the SAME thing in a fanatic JW's mind !

    The WT Society by manipulation and power of suggestion is alluding or planting the thought in JW's minds that ALL inactive ones MAY be sinning and in fact probably are- thus they should be shunned. That message will implant itself in each and every JW's brain due to the inference of " guilt " that inactive ones should be feeling ( in their opinion ) and that as a natural progression of that thought inactive JW's " MAY " be sinning which turns into " PROBABLY " they are sinning which becomes " USUALLY" which then finishes as they " ARE " sinning . When WT Society states that " it MAY be the case " that inactive ones are sinning it REALLY means " We the GB and WT leaders KNOW that inactive ones are sinning so you need to shun them . "

    I guarantee you that this information gets logged into JW's minds like I just wrote. At least it DOES get implanted in my staunch JW extended families minds like that- I guarantee it does. Anybody else have a thought on that ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • cobweb

    That does make complete sense Flipper.

    The whole convention program of outlines are here if required:

  • blondie

    I was a victim of "marking" by an individual in a congregation who shared their personal feelings with their friends who started shunning me. No BOE action or contact, just their personal opinion unsupported by any facts.

    That was in the early 70's and through me for a loop for some time. When I approached an elder, they said they had counseled the person to approach me privately but realized they had not but publicized. They were not talked to because it was an elder and his wife. It took years for my reputation to heal from this and my trust in my fellow jws. Until it happened again. The WTS is a flipflop organization as well as speakers out of both sides of their mouths.

    They are marked by individuals in the congregation – The Watchtower 5/15/1973 p. 319 – Questions From Readers

    …the members of the congregation individually would do the marking.

    They are marked by individuals in the congregation – The Watchtower 9/15/1978 p.13 par. 8 – What Does Jehovah Require…?

    …individual Christians may have to determine whether the unruly conduct of certain persons associated with the congregation makes them undesirable companions.

    They are marked by the elders – The Watchtower 4/15/1985 p. 31 – Questions From Readers

    The Watchtower of February 1, 1982, page 31, stressed that marking is not to be done over mere private opinions or when a Christian personally chooses to avoid close association with someone.

  • FedUpJW

    They said they heard this at a recent regional assembly, from a speaker at the platform

    I heard the same exact statement, also at last summers regional indoctrination convention. So far every single person I have asked about that though denies that it was ever said.

  • FedUpJW

    because their own fleshly BROTHER is going to be there, and he is not "in the truth". He is also NOT disfellowshipped.

    That is how the little Hitler mistrial serpent where I am at treats his brother, even to the point of refusing assistance to his JW mother if his brother might be there.

  • FedUpJW

    Jeezus, at the rate they're going, they're gonna start ostracizing anyone who just turns down a talk, doesn't answer at the WT study, or fails to get X amount of hours in field service...

    That's where I am at presently. No brazen sins, no "judicial" actions. Do I care that the hypocrites shun me? HELL NO!

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