Do You See JWs Going From House to House Anymore?

by minimus 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • LOLS

    I live in South Africa and in my suburb you see them all over ....

    And daily for that matter , either walking the streets irritating people knocking on doors or standing just outside malls with their carts .

  • BluesBrother

    They still do go door to door and " cover the territory", around here in U K anyway.

  • stillMS

    Actually, nothing has changed in terms of D2D officially - but the ever-increasing apathy and hypocrisy contributes to D2D becoming phantom.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Come to think of it..not this year. The street i live on used to get worked often..ive had several long discussions on my doorstep

    Maybe im now a do not call.

  • dozy

    I've been out over 10 years now and have been called on once in that time. Once. In that time I have also had a couple of Memorial leaflets through the door when not at home , so that equates to 3 visits in more than a decade.

    I have moved since I stopped attending and I'm faded (not DFd / DAd ) , so there is no reason for JWs not to call on me. Admittedly there might have been times my door was knocked on when nobody from my family was home & no tract or invitation was left but I have asked my elderly neighbour couple ( who are virtually always at home ) if they have been called on by JWs and they have had the same experience - indeed , a couple of my friends have asked me if JWs still go D2D as they haven't seen them for years. I live in territory that when I was an active JW was worked every 3 months or so and we were diligent about chasing up not homes.

    In the past , most ( easily 80% - 90% ) of the actual first call ministry was done by pioneers but it may be that these are mainly manning carts nowadays for easy ( albeit equally pointless ) time and much of the time that publishers are booking is actually spent at the local Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts , even more so than before. Maybe as another poster said , the demographic is changing with many more elderly witnesses.

  • minimus

    Yes, I think if you are looking for a Witness, go to the local coffee shop around 11am and you might get offered a brochure!

  • Ding

    They used to flood the neighborhoods on Saturday morning.

    I haven't seen them out in years.

    Lots more d 2 d activity by Mormon missionaries.

    The JWs have put me on their do not call list, but still you'd think I'd see them out more often.

  • truth_b_known

    We used to get a knock at the door at least twice a year. The past 3 to 5 years they have come by maybe once.

  • blondie

    We haven't had any contact with jws in our area for over 5 years, which is great as far as we are concerned. It is all a show anyway, the elders used to be directed by the CO to call on all the inactive between the current visit and the next. My husband was an elder at the time and he told me about the drive-by visits the elders would make. They would not make an appointment just slowly drive by the person's house to ascertain if there were any sins they could see from the car, catching someone smoking outside, having holiday decorations up, etc. And then drive-by and count it as having called on this inactive person. My husband was a fairly new elder, not raised a jw, and was shocked but did not bring it up. New elders do not counsel or question older elders, ever, unless they want to be watched carefully for insubordination.

  • Dagney

    I've been in my place 14 years now and I've seen no WT contact in my complex. I've seen some on the street probably 5-6 times.

    The JW I know seem to be devoted to the cart witnessing. A great way to keep the hours up with much less effort.

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