Do You See JWs Going From House to House Anymore?

by minimus 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    I don’t. I used to see them in my neighborhood or while driving. There is a Hispanic congregation nearby. I used to see Witnesses out all the time, some even doing the slow Pioneer Shuffle. Now , it’s like they have been told to forget about it.

  • blondie

    No, not for some time. A tract was left in our door about 3 years ago but not a person seen. I have surveyed the neighbors and they have had not contact with jws for years.

    Must all be down at the carts or making calls on non-existent return visits.

  • Magnum

    Been wondering about that a lot lately. I never see them anymore going door to door. Have only seen a few carts in places where there were almost no people.

  • careful

    Yesterday late morning, I saw at least 6-7 out going D-2-D in a suburb close to a city. I was driving too fast to count beyond that. Earlier this month I passed two KHs in another city, about 10 miles apart, with plenty of cars in the respective parking lots/car parks mid-morning, so I suppose they had groups out in the field ministry.

    That said, I had not seen them out for some months, in fact, since late last summer, when I spoke for a while with 5 of them going D-2-D in yet another large city. I had some fun, asking about their KH. I was told that it was going on the market and that their cong, one of the oldest in the city, had been reassigned to a KH miles away, way out in the suburbs. I asked what the organization was going to do with the money from the hall's sale and was told it was going overseas to help Witnesses in a poor land build a KH. I toyed with the idea of pressing the matter but decided not to.

    Beside the "cart witnessing" and people just not converting much, do you think that the rising average age of them is decreasing the D-2-D work? Assemblies and KHs are so full of old people now. Surely that means fewer and fewer hours in the D-2-D ministry than those same diehards used to put in when they were younger.

  • Tameria2001

    My husband just saw them at our neighbor's door only yesterday. I've already warned her a while back about them.

  • minimus

    It seems like they are not out like before.

    For active JWs , are u being told that door to door isn’t as effective now???!

  • blondie

    We see people at the nearby KH on Saturday morning; there are 3 congregations meeting there. To the active jws posting here, do they really meet a service group meeting places apart from the KH? At private homes although there are no longer book-bible studies in private homes any more?

  • loneranger

    Blondie...yes...they meet at the KH and also at private homes in different sections of the congregation territory. Each field service group is about 15-20 people. Many groups only have 3-4 pubs going out on Sat am.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    saw them last Monday morning.
  • Athanasius

    I retired ten years ago, so my wife and I are usually home during the week and weekends. JWs stopped by only two times during this time. Once they left a brochure, as we weren't home. The second time a thirty something JW, possibly a Mini-Serve, asked if we had any deaf persons in our household. Since both my wife and I have excellent hearing, I told him no. I guess he wasn't interested in talking with people who can hear well, as he thanked me for my time and quickly departed.

    Other than that, I haven't seen the JWs working our neighborhood, even though there are two congregations within five miles.

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