Do You See JWs Going From House to House Anymore?

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  • Incognito

    While my SO and I were practising JWs more than 15 years ago, I noticed some JWs always wanted to do 'Return Visits'. Not sure how they obtained those Return Visits since that was all they seemed to do after meeting with the group.

    The times we actually did go D-2-D while in a small town with plenty of rural territories, many JWs insisted on calling on an in-town home nearby to the 'rendezvous' location so everyone in the vehicle could start their time before we all drove to the farthest location within the territory.

    After calling on a few rural homes, it was then time for coffee so after spending considerable time in a restaurant, it was then time to either drive to the opposite end of the territory for a Return Visit, or drive back to town to call on one more home so as to stop our time before each proceeded home.

    If 4 people in one vehicle, 2.5 hours with the clock running = 10 hours reported while calling on maybe 6 or 8 homes.

    With these examples, it would not be surprising few JWs would be seen while many hours continue to be reported.

    I observed a group of JWs recently distributing invitations to the memorial. Although a simple task, the elder in the group appeared to be somewhat overwhelmed by his own doing. With his important and heavy responsibilities, he seemed to dictate even simple activities of the others and each appeared to be required to frequently report to him which homes they had called on.

  • 3rdgen

    We live a few blocks from the nicest Starbucks in town in a safe walkable territory. We were faded when we moved here 5 years ago. so although our street was worked at least once a month, we never answered the door.

    "Evidently" the same pioneer sister held on to our territory for several years as it was always the same frumpy 60-somthing yo sister with a pinched expression on her face. who knocked on our door. As time went on, she started knocking .more and more often, sometimes twice a week, then when we didn't answer, she would get in her car and drive off. She seemed hell-bent to "Get that Not-at-home" that was us. As a last resort, she wrote a letter and mailed it to us.

    Just as I was about to "break" and answer the door in order to tell her to get the hint and STOP CALLING already, she "evidently" was asked/forced to give up this cherry territory when the CO came to town because we hadn't seen her or any other JW for a couple of years......until this year a different sister left a memorial invitation in our door.

    My observation is that all the JWs I look at on FB are now posting JWdot borg videos and Memes. "Apparently", FB is their new territory and they can count time and RVs while at home. I would too If I were still in. Why put up with the nuts in your car group if you can count time at home in your sweats.?

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I guess with all the child molestation lawsuits becoming public knowledge the Watchtower Corporation is just asking for trouble if it still sends it members door to door being that nobody probably wants them knocking on their doors telling them about their religion that is up to it neck in financial trouble.

    I would expect any day now some new light will come telling them to stop going door to door.

  • jookbeard

    No and I have a vested interest to look out for them, I've been in my currant place since 2014, I had one memorial invitation posted a couple of years back and a couple of years back I saw out of my window a group of them doing what looked like RV's so I went down to have a chat with them, apart from that I simply never see them out doing D2D work anymore.

  • minimus

    Well they maintained Christ went from house to house and that all true Christians would follow that example. Maybe Jesus would be on FB

  • westiebilly11

    Very rarely see them. Though when I do it's almost certainly coinciding with a CO visiting the area...Cart witnessing seems to be the way nowadays, although when they do cart witnessing they seem to be dressed in a daunting, almost Godfather , garb... hardly appealing! I haven't been called on for nearly 6 years! Yet I'm not hostile !!

  • TeenageInsider

    i see them from time to time whilst driving around my neighborhood running errands.

    they have that typical "Jehovahs witness walk" like they have all the fucking time in the world and each step is taken ever so slowly. really showing "urgency" right?

    lol but now i mostly see them at bus stops and street corners with their stupid trolleys/carts doing absolutely nothing

    just wanted to add i also don't work on Saturdays i tend to take a muscle relaxer the night before to get a good nights sleep along with a glass or six of wine and pass out. usually wake up at 11am on sat. so if they knocked i wouldn't hear it.

  • Phizzy

    Without doubt they do not call so often in my area, I wonder why ? I suppose they think the Cart work is supplanting the H to H work.

    This attitude will only speed up the downward trend in numbers, old farts like me die, and no younger ones are coming in. I can see maybe the G.B urging that JW's have more children, their only "growth" is from born-ins.

    Perhaps they will suddenly have Noo Lite that Contraception is wrong ! ( The do do copy other religions after all ).

  • just fine
    just fine

    Maybe because I live 40 miles from the nearest Kingdom Hall we are blessed with their presence more often. They were here just two weeks ago, and usually come out a couple times a year.

  • minimus

    Cart work..... lol

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