Get you surplus Disaster Relief Supplies Here WTF?!?

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  • sir82

    Step 4 - Instead of keeping the equipment for the next disaster which is bound to occur in this 'time of the

    end', they sell it for 100% profit

    No, they don't. They sell it at auction for a fraction of the price. So they lost money.


    In step 2 they spent $0 of their own money to buy the equipment. They use only money donated by their poor sap adherents.

    And when they sell the equipment in the auction, they keep 100% of the money.

    $0 expenses, 100% of sale proceeds they keep - that's 100% profit.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The point is they just asked for donations of material and equipment for relief work to be sent to Salisbury. They had no intention of using it, just sell it. Look at the link to the pictures, most of that stuff has never been touched, if it was purchased or donated there was never any intention of using it for relief.

  • Simon

    Anytime there is a disaster and the answer is "lots of money" then there is scope for the unscrupulous to profit.

    It's not limited to groups like the WTS, lots of charities aren't too charitable (they raise a lot of money, and their staff rape and pillage). Even government run agencies aren't immune - just look at the corruption in Puerto Rico.

    If there is an emergency and you want to help, try to support the people on the ground doing things for others, not the agencies and accountants who see money to be made.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    before you hand over your money to a charity--find out how much the CEO gets paid.

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