Get you surplus Disaster Relief Supplies Here WTF?!?

by HiddenPimo 33 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • HiddenPimo

    Make money on stuff already purchased with donations and insurance refunds...

  • Tenacious

    You need to leak this to your local news channels there in Salisbury.

    These bastards shouldn't be able to make a dime on donated goods.

    As a matter of fact who are your local news stations there? I'll contact them myself to have them featured on the local news to see if they don't tuck tail and run. Those maggots are looking to profit to pay off those pedophilia lawsuits.

    Edit: I just noticed they aren't even taking cash! Wow, talk about making sure the money is managed and sent to right to those maggots in NY.

  • nowwhat?

    If they're selling this equipment what are they going to use for the next hurricane?

  • stillin

    Wait. Who's selling this stuff? It doesn't say, does it? But there IS an assembly hall in Salisbury. And Walkill is suggestive...

    Why at the fairgrounds and not in the parking lot of the assembly hall?

  • skin

    They are auctioning some big equipment there, right down to salt & pepper shakers.

    Don't worry, there will be a local needs part after the next hurricane, asking for donations for the next relief work.

  • skin

    Wait. Who's selling this stuff? It doesn't say, does it?

    The contact email at the bottom of that flyer.

  • stillin

    Dang! Small print got me again!

  • LV101

    They know the JWs will donate all over again and they'll just act like they sent all this equipment to where the need was great.


    Wow! Call the local News and Cedars.


  • loneranger

    About a month ago, the LDC was asking many congregations in the NC, SC area if they had any surplus matrial, equipment of any kind. Identify it and arrange to have it shipped to the Salisbury AH. Your expense. No indication it was to be sold. Funds certainly will not go back tot he local KH who donated the goods! Money, money, money. When the next disaster strikes, the local pubs will be expected to donate all material,,supplies and equipment agin!!! It NEVER ends with these leeches.NEVER.

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