An Atheist Visits A Kingdom Hall

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  • Bangalore
  • WasOnceBlind
    Most JW's I know are nice people, that's not the issue. It's when you get down to the actual beliefs like shunning or letting your kids die, or having to obey without question, that's when it's a problem. Most casual visitors will never see the behind the scenes stuff, can't have bad PR.
  • Simon
    Yeah, there's a huge difference between going to a KH as a visitor and getting the whole "welcoming" recruitment experience and living life as a JW where going to the meeting to hear the same thing over and over or to face shunning becomes a real ordeal.
  • label licker
    label licker

    Why are you on an EXjoho site like this one promoting your blog which encourages people to want to find out whether all those lovely things you write are really true about the johos.? Especially when you have read all the hurtful things that have been done to all of us. I don't see that written on your blog.

    All the suicides(my mother) that have gone on. My god, there was another one on this site just this week. Are you really that senseless or what. Or the fact that we have lost loved ones(my brother) through no blood policy. Or the pedos(my father) that have injured little children.

    Please go join them. Sounds like you would fit right in!!!!!!!!

  • Londo111
    Alas comments are closed. I sent a message to the writer.
  • Nerd in the Brain
    Nerd in the Brain

    Label Licker,

    I would like to point out that *I* am not on an "EXjoho" site "promoting" my blog. As a person can clearly see, someone named Bangalore shared a link to my blog. I had no part in it and didn't even realize it had happened until I saw a link to this site on my blog stats.

    But you didn't see that. You jumped straight into fight mode and verbally attacked a person.

    You have said horrendous things (I should join in with the pedophiles???) to a very kind person that you know nothing about beyond reading one blog post (and, even then, you didn't pay enough attention to realize that I'm not even the person that posted it here)...and that says quite a bit about the person that *you* are.

    I am truly sorry for all of the anger and hurt you have inside, but attacking strangers will never soothe that.

    Additionally, you may want to consider reading the Community Guidelines of this site you're using. They are quite clear that the people here should "Be Nice."

    I do hope you find peace and happiness in your life, but I can't sit still while you attempt to spread your hate and anger on me.

  • KateWild

    Thanks label licker for your impression you gave to a non JW. You have just proven WT right that ex JWs are bitter and angry.

    You owe Nerd in the brain an apology.

    @Nerd, I hope she hasn't tarred us all with her brush. We have all left for one reason or another or woken up to the false doctrines. We suffer shunning.

    I hope you get to see the full picture

    Kate xx

  • Nerd in the Brain
    Nerd in the Brain

    To everyone else:

    There seem to be some misunderstandings about this blog post of mine that was shared here (without my knowledge until after the fact) by Bangalore, and I would like to clear them up.

    It seems that people are visiting this one post on my blog, getting agitated, and coming back here to say some unfriendly things.

    Perhaps if you poked around that blog a little bit more, you would understand that I blog about my experiences in life as they happen.

    I have no agenda, religious or otherwise (and certainly not pro or con JW).

    I have my own personal blog where I write about the things that happen to me, my thoughts, and things that interest me.

    But now I'm receiving email informing me that it's my "responsibility" to research the "other side" and present that, too.

    No, it's not. I am not a news source. I am not in any way representing myself as an expert on the issue. I am not telling people what they should or shouldn't believe. I did one post (in a sea of others that no one looked at before getting huffy) about one experience that *I* had. I did not encourage or discourage anyone to go forth and join anyone. As the post clearly states, I am an Atheist...I would think it would be obvious that I'm not trying to sway people toward any religion.

    You have given me much to discuss with my JW friend. (And, contrary to the email I received, yes, she is my friend.)

    I want to point out that I've been friends with the JW mentioned in the post for over a year now. In that time, I have spent many hours with her and her family and her other friends on a social level. In that time, I have received exactly zero nasty comments, harsh judgments, or unkind gestures from her or anyone I've met through her. I can't say the same about this site, and I've only known it existed for a handful of hours...that is pretty telling, I think.

    I wish happiness and peace for all of you, and, for those who celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  • Londo111

    Nerd in the Brain,

    I am hoping my message via your site to you was reasonable. If you stick around and read people's experiences, I think you can understand why some people are very hurt and might lash out, sometimes in ways that are not optimal.

    As a potential convert (from their view), they are going to be extra nice to you. Ask your friend this, "Do you ever count your time when you spend time with me? How many hours do you report?" Hopefully they will be honest, but sometimes a JW will slip into theocratic warfare mode and not give a straight answer.

  • Nerd in the Brain
    Nerd in the Brain


    No harm done, I promise. Bitter and angry occurs in some members of every group (religious and otherwise). I understand that every group of people is made up of a diverse crowd of mostly really nice people. :)

    I am sad to see so much suffering and sadness as there is on this site, but I am glad I've been made aware of this other side of the JW world...I'm always interested in a full picture.

    Thank you for your kindness! :)

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