An Atheist Visits A Kingdom Hall

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  • Simon

    People keep saying "he" ... I think Nerd in the Brain is "she" - right?

    my blog is about my experiences as I've experienced them

    And there's nothing wrong with that. If it was an article claiming to be the definitive definition of how all JWs behave and that they never did any wrong then it would be but it isn't.

    We're just trying to give you the other half of the story and to be honest, I don't blame you for not believing it. We all lived it and didn't believe it either (until it happened to us) so we have no right to be critical for you being sceptical.

    it is interesting to me how people who do not know her in the slightest feel free to lay judgment and blame on her

    I don't think people intend to, they are really commenting on the stereotypical person that we all knew - the people exactly like that who turned out to be absolutely nothing like that when the chips were down.

    Again, there's no guarantee that she is ... but the odds aren't good because the majority of people's experiences is that people either shun them and tow the party line OR they themselves are kicked out too. The WTS forces people to make that choice.

    That's why the idea of "a nice JW who is still in and who is nice to ex JWs" is difficult to comprehend because the religion is setup to not allow that to happen. They are indoctrinated constantly that ex-members are the most vile and evil people ever to exist and deserving of death, no chance of forgiveness even by god etc... and should be shunned and ignored at all cost.

    It's not that they are bad people, but good people can be misled into doing bad things for what they think are the best reasons and intentions.

  • Nerd in the Brain
    Nerd in the Brain

    steve2 - Thank you again. You are voicing some of my very same thoughts. Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman.

    breakfast of champions - I do understand all of the examples that you gave, and the concern for them. As those were not things that were part of my experience, I did not include them in my post. People seem to have the sense that I'm claiming there is no seedy underbelly to JWs...but I'm not making that claim at all. I fully admit that I don't know all there is to know (about JWs or any other religion on this planet). That doesn't mean I (or my family and friends) deserve to be attacked for presenting what I experienced. Many of the comments here have been thoughtful and reasonable and rational and given me much to discuss with the JWs in my life...many of them have been aggressive and harsh and hate-filled, and that has certainly gotten my defenses riled.

    Simon - Yessss! "She" is correct. :) I do believe that there's another side to the story. I don't argue that point at all. I'd be more surprised if there weren't another side to the story, honestly. What you said about good people sometimes being misled is definitely true (for all of us, I think), but defending people I care about against ugly stereotypes is a bit exhausting...I'm a bit taken aback at how several people here seem to think they know the people in my life better than I do and feel free to throw hateful things into comments. I have experienced far more nastiness here (not from you!) than I ever have from any experiences with JWs, but I still plan to discuss quite a lot of things that I've read here with my JW peeps. I'm very curious to hear their responses.

  • MightyV8

    Welcome to the forum

    Nerd in the Brain

    a great place to communicate freely

    I thought from the start you were female.

    very cautious open minded thinker... LOVE IT!

    I hate to disappoint you.....but you are far to smart as a woman to ever becoming a jw.......

    The Butcher...the Baker and the Candle stick maker (elders)

    will not tolerate thinking people ....especially a female.

    Sorry for the bad news in jest.

  • flipper

    Welcome, NerdInTheBrain.

    I've never been a JW, and never have had any interest in religion at all. But after marrying an ex-JW with family still in the church 9 years ago, I joined this board, also have read, researched and followed any news concerning the religion.

    I've made good friends on this board from around the US and different countries.

    I've learned that the JW religion is like Scientology in sheep's clothing. Very harmful and downright criminal at the top levels. It is most common for members to put on the "happy happy" act to convince themselves as well as others.

    If anyone I knew wanted to join this church I would do all I could to prevent it.

    This is why people can react with alarm when the Jw religion is depicted as harmless. I want to do all I can to prevent the pain and loss of freedom it causes.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • LisaRose

    Nerd in the brain,

    I am sorry you feel people have been unfair to you. I think the problem is that most of us belonged to this religion for a while, in my case thirty years. During this time we believed that this was God's chosen organization, that it was the only thing that would allow us to live through Armageddon, which was supposed to be any day. We all tried very hard to be good Jehovah's Witnesses, it's not an easy religion, you are expected to give up a lot of things most people consider normal. It was only after many years and many experiences that we found that, underneath the facade, this religion had problems, problems so severe we couldn't believe in it any more. It was a life changing thing, to lose our faith, family and friends, some are still struggling with this even years later.

    So when people read your blog, talking about what a great group of people this is, it was like chalk on a chalkboard. For so many here this is still very painful. I know most here do not hate individual Jehovah's Witnesses, as we understand that they are simply decieved, as we were once deceived. Most people here do talk badly about the organization, because we feel we were lied to and manipulated and because we know they lie about their history, beliefs and practices. For many that come here, this is the first time they have been able to even talk about these things, it's not something that you can even speak of as a JW, to say you don't believe the Governing Body is being directed by God is to risk being disfellowshipped and shunned

    The organization calls us mentally diseased apostates, people are warned not to talk to us, simply because we no longer believe the Watchtower is chosen by God and the only path to salvation. I am sorry if some here offended you, I am sure that was not the intent. I am sure you will investigate more before you consider getting more involved with this group. They will tell you not to talk to us apostates, but doesn't that just make you wonder what they are so afraid of? They are struggling with getting new converts these days, despite millions of hours spent in proselytizing, the internet has not been good for them; failed predictions, doctrine flip flops, pedophiles, it's all out there for anyone to see. So don't take anything at face value, verify everything, whether from them or us.

    Lisa 🌹

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    Nerd in the brain, I think people are just trying to warn you not to be deceived. You won't see the dark side of this organization unless you become a member. Until then, you're just a recruitment target. Jehovah's Witnesses don't have friends outside the organization. They won't even be friends with those considered spiritually weak within the congregation. I know you don't want to believe this but sadly it's true. Fortunately, as long as you don't get baptized you'll continue to be treated like a queen.

    Nerd in the brain, I think people are just trying to warn you not to be deceived. You won't see the dark side of this organization unless you become a member.

    Until then, you're just a recruitment target.....paul from cleaveland

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  • Sabin
    Paul from Cleveland, what you have written is so true. The sad fact here is that those ones who are mixing with Nerd in the Brain are probably considered spiritually weak in the congregation & the so called strong ones avoid having to much association with them. Unless they are one of the lucky few to be in what my hubby calls "A golden cong" I was in one of those years ago & it was lovely. Oh how sheltered I was.
  • Bangalore

    I am the person who linked to the blog.Sometimes when I come across an article or blog that I think might be of interest to people here I will post a link to it.I do not mean to offend Nerd In The Brain or anybody else either.

  • KateWild

    @Nerd thank you for all your responses to this thread. I am so sorry many keep referring to you as a man. It was clear when you spoke of your husband you are a woman.

    I am interested in knowing a little about your husbands upbringing. Was his mother a JW all his life? Or was she converted when he grew up?

    Kate xx

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