Current JW Go Fund Me requests

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  • LongHairGal


    It sounds suspicious to me: somebody with a life threatening illness volunteering in a third-world country. Come now.

    The whole idea of Witnesses asking for money is offensive since they never wanted to work in the first place. But, I wouldn't put anything past them...Let them make a list of their so-called spiritual friends and go ask THEM for money!

  • darkspilver

    What about exJW GFMs?....

    (with hat-tip to long-term forum member: TweetieBird)

    TweetieBird: I also noticed that there was a gofundme to raise money for his divorce transcript and the money was raised but I don't see the transcript anywhere.

    GoFundMe - JWStruggle: Transcript of exJW Divorce Trial

  • ShirleyW

    I wonder if they wrote to the Society about her condition, now that I think about it they probably did and we all know what happened w/Society, nothing. They're the ones that told her they needed some folks in Nicaragua, so they basically told her where to go, and don't call us anymore.

    I guess these two Uber dubs now realize that all the praying that they're doing to Jah isn't helping at all, yet for some crazy reason they're still trying to remain faithful - smh

  • undercover

    Scam artists have existed in the congregations for years. JWs are, generally speaking, a gullible bunch. I mean, they bought the WTS BS, right? Anyhoo... because they buy into the 'worldwide brotherhood' bit, and really want to believe they are a special group, whenever someone moves into a congregation, they're pretty much accepted as legit, just because they have the requisite books and attire. I've several instances where people moved in, played the role, took people for money, possessions, then moved on down the line. It wasn't until it was too late before someone had the audacity to question motives among other dubs.

  • ShirleyW
    I've several instances where people moved in, played the role, took people for money, possessions, then moved on down the line.

    I've heard of a few "professional widows" in the borg that do that, a guy I grew up with, his father was a widower for less than a year, he was telling them that there's a sister that keeps pestering him and he really wasn't interested in her. A few months down the road he tells the family they're getting married. After a few years he got sick and died, she made sure everything was in her name and not his two grown kids, she didn't even show up at the funeral. Guess she was on her way to the next Congregation to find the next "fine, spiritual brother who just lost his wife"

  • Listener

    The boyfriend has added another update

    Hello everyone, we're amazed at the living kindness you've shown, Jehovah is certainly a mighty God! Sorry to say though we're back in the hospital again since this morning. Oops! The meds that are keeping her blood level from dropping are are also causing the spleen and other organs to swell, resulting in a large amount of pain that only an IV with pain medication can fix. Soooooo hopefully she can stabilize and we can be out in a day or two.
    Specific prayers regarding a qualified surgeon possibly a Dr Plata in Honduras, or a DR Bethancourt in Guatemala; being the one who operates on Mary would be much appreciated and very helpful. Prayer is very powerful. Both doctors are Jehovah's witnesses.
    Once we get the ok to leave the hospital again, it's still our prayer that she can have surgery ASAP.
    Love you all! Thanks for everything

    I feel sorry that she is going through a lot of pain and worry. I wrote a long comment begging him to do some research on the blood issue and referencing JW Facts for a start. Sadly, shortly after I posted it, it was deleted and the comments facility had been deleted.

    Current JW Go Fund Me requests

    There`s a huge "WBT$/JW Go Fund Me" that`s been going on for decades.


    They Live Off JW Donations, They Contribute Nothing to Society.

    "Help Support These WBT$ GB Bums!"

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    Image result for Watchtower donations by credit card.Image result for Watchtower donations by credit card

    Image result for Watchtower donations by credit card

  • zeb

    where do these GFM things appear please?

  • Listener

    Zeb, when you go to the Go Fund Me website key in the word Jehovah into their search site.

    or I think this link will work with "Jehovah" already entered into the search facility

    Not all of the Campaigners are JWs but you can get a fair idea by looking at them.

    I tried to do some activism yesterday but gave up because of a number of reasons, the main one is because it's too depressing and I find it difficult to be impartial and not sympathetic enough.

    There's one guy who's even asking for money so he can go to Africa as a need greater for 30 days.

    There's others on there that are going through great difficulties because of their blood policy, it's heartbreaking. Not only that, they are so poor they have to resort to begging for money just for medical treatment. It brings home the fact that they can't get the help from the Watchtower or that there is no system to request help from their own congregations.

    Then there was this story about a disabled JW. She included her sorrowful history in order to pull the heartstrings of potential contributors but again, where is the help from her Bro's and Sisters?

    58 y/o Jehovah Witness Woman In Need of Dental Implants
    Hello and thank you for reading my plea. I’m a 58 y/o woman from New Jersey and of Italian and Czech decent. Ate age 8 I had a stroke. Since then I have been paralyzed on my right side. As a young woman I thought no man would have me so I married a man that started hitting me soon after our wedding.
    I was told by my doctor that I couldn’t have babies but soon after the wedding I got pregnant with a daughter and within the next 12 years, two boys. I worked at jobs but my handicap has always held me back.
    I have always brushed my teeth but being poor divorced mother of three, I have never really had money for dentists. Now I am in a relationship with a good solid man but he doesn’t have money for my implants and I only have 6 teeth left and a bridge that hurts my mouth.
    I know there are babies that need heart transplants here on Go Fund Me but I also need help with getting my mouth set right so I can eat and continue telling people about Jehovah’s word. Thank you for anything you can give.
    Another Campaigner couple talk about their situation when they had to hire a car to attend the regional convention because they only rode motor cycles because they were cheaper. Here is part of their story

    ... To avoid crashing into the back he tried to swerve left around him. At that exact moment, another dump truck was coming the opposite direction and hit us dead on. The truck that hit us kept going and we were both in the middle of the street. I stood up to see Terahl screaming in pain. The tibia bone in his left leg had completely popped out his body (open fracture). Many people stopped as we were screaming for someone to call a paramedic. He was conscious the entire time but lost a lot of blood. .... Our close friends, the elders and HLC were quick to arrive (Isaiah 41:13). They did not take Terahl to surgery until 4:00pm and he was released to ICU around 9:30pm. It was diagnosed that he broke his tibia, femur and ligaments in his left leg. Plus severe tarmac burns and cuts on his left arm. That first night in the hospital he was in excruciating pain. Due to his very low hemoglobin level (blood count) they gave him practically no pain medication. I had to beg them for a sleeping pill just to give him some temporary relief. The next day, we contacted the HLC and our insurance about transferring to a more reputable hospital that had experience with bloodless medicine. We were recommended to transfer to HOMS in Santiago, about 2 hours from our house. The ambulance ride was difficult for Terahl since he still had no anesthetic and the bones in his leg are still broken. We arrived at HOMS and were quickly greeted once again by HLC brothers and the Ortho Surgeon.

    The result: Terahl has an infection due to the bone being exposed from the body. However, infection specialist is treating it. Terahl will also need reconstructive surgery on his leg. Ortho Surgeon is confident and says even with infection, he can fix it. However, he needs Terahl's hemoglobin to be at least 10.0. Last we checked it was still at 6.0. So we are working on building his red blood cells.
    No doubt, this is the most difficult trial we have faced. (Ecclesiastes 9:11) However, Jehovah has helped us every step of the way. We thought for sure we were going to die. The brothers have been by around the clock. The doctors are willing to work with us. And everyday we are receiving non stop messages and calls of loving support. We are eternally grateful.
    'How can I help?' is a question that has been asked a lot. Unfortunately, I myself am still unsure as to what we 'need'. As of right now, we have no estimate of surgery expenses so everything is up in the air. However, one thing I do know is there are little expenses that keep popping up (i.e.: cell phone data, soaps, wash clothes, food, etc.) So if in fact you are able to donate, that is what the funds will be used for until I get a more concrete answer about surgery expense and recovery time/missing employment.
    Friends and family, I cannot thank you enough. It is clear to me more than ever how much Jehovah loves us. Please keep us in your prayers. In the words of Terahl, 'I'm not going to give up. Even if I have to crawl into the new world!' ❤️

  • Chook

    Sorry I thought it was an application for a governing body seats. She was taught by the best theocratic school on earth and your attendance cost for the 2 day convention is $ 7000 for lighting because everything else is owned by fully by wt corp.

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