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  • Listener

    This topic was discussed a few years ago and I thought I would have a look to see what is going on with Go Fund Me's by JWs. I am astounded that there are a great deal more JWs requesting money than there were a few years ago and even by pioneers.

    I've only looked in detail at a few JW Go Fund Me requests but came across this one that I am stunned about on a number of levels.

    My Little Mary
    Hello friends. Meet my wonderful girlfriend Mary, a 23 year old "need greater pioneer"serving in the English field in San Marcos Nicaragua.
    She has a form of anaemia that's causing her spleen to kill her blood cells, her current hemoglobin (blood) count is 6.0. The average is 12.
    She's been battling this hereditary illness (in and out of multiple hospitals dealing with the "no blood transfusion" issue) with faith and endurance. But this year it's become severe and now come to a life threatening climax. We just spent another week in the hospital, and she's out now, but on strict bed rest until she has surgery to remove/disable the spleen. We are in Nicaragua now but there's no treatment options here, so we are going to leave the country for surgery ASAP. Just waiting on confirmation from a doctor that's willing to help.
    I thank you even for reading this far on our page.
    She loves Jehovah God very much. It's our prayer that she can recieve the safest medical care for her deteriorating condition, as soon as humanly possible.
    Love you all!
    Best wishes, Taylor Hopkins
    P.s. If in the event there are left over funds, they will be placed in the contribution box at the Kingdom Hall.
    Update 1
    Thank you for your prayers and support! Mary is in good company and for the most part good spirits despite the circumstance. Others have bringing food too, and gifts, we love all of you!
    She's a lil camera shy too haha, we're working on it.
    Update 2
    We're still waiting on answers regarding where she will have surgery. Specific prayers regarding finding a qualified surgeon, anesthesiologist, and hospital would be most appreciated!
    Firstly, why is this young lady volunteering in a third world country when she is so sick, can't afford her own medical care and doesn't have access to proper care?

    Of course, as discussed on previous threads it's unbelievable that JWs are begging worldly people for money when they've been able bodied to earn money themselves but haven't. But they want money from people they believe will be killed imminently.

    Why has she had to resort to ask 'Satan's World' for money if their organization is the most loving organization on earth? This lady is a pioneer serving in another country, surely more could be done for her.

    The worst thing is that she is gravely ill and unable to accept the best type of medical care due to the organizations no blood policy.

  • smiddy

    Call me a cynic but couldnt this just be a scam to fleece gullible JW`s ?

    just asking.

  • Listener

    It could be Smiddy, there is a photo of the loving couple though and the story is not too elaborate.

  • freddo

    Maybe one of the GB might donate the proceeds from selling a Rolex or Apple watch?

  • pale.emperor

    I wonder if they'd need a Go Fund Me page if Tony Morris needed his spleen removed?

  • smiddy

    With the latest sale of one of their properties in NY for 18 Million $$$`s you would think the GB. could chip in couldnt they ?

    I wonder why they dont help their own in such dire circumstances.and need.? and just seem to ignore their plight.

  • sir82

    She's a lil camera shy too haha, we're working on it.

    Yeah, imaginary "girlfriends" tend to be that way.

    I'm surprised he didn't throw in a story about her adorable puppy or something.

    EDIT: I see there is a photo of the happy couple.

    Alarm bell 1: A JW "need-greater" wouldn't risk "losing privileges" by cuddling up to a guy if he is not already her husband, or at least fiancée, in a widely distributed photo. In JW-world, such intimate physical contact prior to engagement / marriage is strictly regulated.

    Call me cynical but I suspect it is a $$$-raising scam.

  • FedUpJW

    Call me cynical

    Not cynical...realistic.


    Distrustful of human nature and motives


    a person who understands what is real and possible in a particular situation...
  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I recently saw a GFM account for a JW funeral. I found it strange, specially since it was benefitting a family that I know for sure if they pulled their own resources would have way more than enough to cover expenses. I mean, there are quite well-to-do, even rich people in that family!

    To see that GFA was, in my opinion, deceiving and shameful.


  • sparky1

    I don't know if this particular case is real or a scam. However, I know that my nephew and his wife have begged for money on such websites because of health issues. She is morbidly obese and one of the laziest persons you could possibly meet. Yet she had the nerve to 'beg' for money for my nephews hospital expenses, money for car repairs, electrical bill payments and funds to build a ramp and railings for her to access their mobile home. She claims because of 'her health issues' that she can't climb stairs and needs a ramp. I think she should 'pray' a little harder. Jehovah's holy spirit could move someone to leave 4 or 5 bags of groceries on their step that she could consume as a midmorning snack while she watches television. No doubt a case of Twinkies will be gratefully received!

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