here's a great jw brain stumper about noah

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  • waton

    Once upon a time there was the Sahara Forest, then came Noah, the preacher of Righteousness, people listened, and started building imitation arks. now we have the Sahara desert. The giant Flood left a giant beach behind. The garden [of Eden] variety of talking snakes became extinct too.

  • Diogenesister

    They will say that in those days man was closer to perfection, lived longer and had long memories of God, the fall etc and knew What was about to happen due to longevity.

    But I think the point that predestination rears it's head again is a good one, ie the Arc was built for 8 humans and animals only so everyone was predestined not to listen.

  • smiddy

    If the whole earth was under water covering the tallest mountains then it must have contained salt water covering the earth.

    Water is very heavy and it must have penetrated the weakest parts of the earths surface..

    Once the waters subsided we are left with salty seas ,freshwater lakes and streams,and underground streams of fresh water .

    The Oceans are salt water , the rivers and streams and lakes are mostly freshwater .

    The majority of life in the oceans would not survive in freshwater

    By the same token the majority of life in freshwater lakes ,rivers and streams would not survive in salt water.

    So if a Noachian flood did actually occur how would life have continued to exist in the oceans (salt) and the rivers ,lakes ,streams.(salt free) ?

    Or am I missing something here.

  • waton
    By the same token the majority of life in freshwater lakes ,rivers and streams would not survive in salt water.
    Smiddy, you forget that the flood, (just like the future reverting back to paradise) was a time of monumental change. (the pyramids were build at the same time);--after the flood, of all universal, total herbivores, some became meat eaters, so who says the metabolisms in the water creatures were not changed at the same time? after all,

    talking too was taken from snakes, and bestowed on donkeys or asses. may be the pre-deluge waters in the heavens had all these phase changing qualities?

  • smiddy

    You have a point or two their waton,what can i say .?

  • pleaseresearch

    All the floods, Armageddons and whatever God does in the future to rid evil will never work. We only need to read the bible and see the evil carried out under Gods direction. So we may all be the most perfect and righteous people in the future. There is still one that isn't.

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