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  • nowwhat?

    so noah was a preacher of righteousness. than how did he warn other pockets of civilizations that were hundreds or thousands of miles away? and if they were destroyed anyway i thought jehovah only acts after he gives clear warning.

    and if there were no other civilzations why the need to destroy the entire earth of every living creature?

  • waton

    maybe the the Kangaroos, Pandas, Mammoths had been corrupted by the wide-roaming fallen angels too. May there were not only human hybrids, but fiendish fauna far and wide too?

    It was not the first "world wide work

    added: and if you think these animal-nethinim as hybrids could not reproduce, therefore where only a passing threat, so must have been their human half-angels, right? so,

    To spay, or pulling the plug on only the demons was not enough, filling the whole tub the only way. .(without reading about the practise in the bible, I would have never thought of it, disgusting) thank you for the inspiration.

  • sir82

    so noah was a preacher of righteousness. than how did he warn other pockets of civilizations that were hundreds or thousands of miles away?

    "We warmly welcome you to this month's edition of JW Broadcasting - antediluvian version. This month: Hike toward Mount Ararat and get on the first boat you see, or you'll die like a gravy-sucking pig."

  • Finkelstein

    .......and was there really no other living person that was righteous enough except himself and his own family ?

    ......and what would be the point of god destroying humanity when Noah and his family were still inherently sinful from Adam and mankind would just return to its previous state prior to the flood ?

    You don't suppose this flood story is fictional mythology put forward by an ancient civilization to create power and relevance to their own select god ...... ??? naaaa

  • Spoletta

    Why did God give Noah instructions to build an Ark that would only hold Noah's family and all the animals, if he truly wanted to save anyone else?

  • Hairtrigger

    That tale is like swiss cheese. The longer you look at it the more holes you find.

    Around the 1700s another writer of similar tales penned stories that are more interesting . He writes about a character called Gulliver!

  • pale.emperor

    And another thing:

    Genesis 6:2 - the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. (NIV)

    This means that the angels has male sexual urges and materialized male bodies. How come none of them had lust towards the males? Couldn't they have also taken female bodies to take husbands?

  • blondie

    The WTS believes that the human population was fairly small, centered around the still angel-guarded garden of Eden (yes, they teach it was destroyed in the Flood). So there were no people in those other areas, it could be as some geologists (and other scientists) that there was only one continent so all the animals were nearby.

    Just reporting not supporting. I thought it was pretty wild too.

    Look up Isaac Vail online and his theory of the water rings above the earth. The WTS used this for years and finally phased it out.

    *Vail, Isaac Newton (1840-1912)
    Spiritual and perhaps actual father of the "vapor canopy" idea; instrumental in propagating various "flood geology" notions; Pennsylvania Quaker schoolteacher, oil and gas prospector; extrapolated from the older scientific nebular hypothesis of the origin of the solar system to his "annular theory of earth history"; according to this the earth was originally surrounded by Saturn-like rings or canopies of aqueous vapor, which one by one collapsed on the earth, burying fossils in "a succession of stupendous cataclysms, separated by unknown periods of time"; Noah's Flood resulted from the last remnant of this vapor canopy; these ideas were first published in 1874 in a pamphlet titled "The Waters Above the Firmament": The Earth's Aqueous Ring; or, The Deluge and Its Cause, then in 1885 in a 400-page book titled The Story of the Rocks; or, The Earth's Annular System, and in 1912 in The Earth's Annular System: or, The Waters Above the Firmament; Vail's ideas were accepted in toto by the Watchtower Society and taught until the mid-1960s; the earliest mention of Vailian notions is in the December 1881 issue of Zion's Watch Tower (pp. 1-2; 299-300 Reprints); the first explicit mention of Vailian notions is apparently in the December 1, 1912 issue of The Watch Tower (pp. 372-3; 5139-40 Reprints); Vailian notions formed a major part of C. T. Russell's Photo-Drama of Creation (1914), Rutherford's 1927 book Creation, and chapter 4, "Earth's Creation", of the 1943 book The Truth Shall Make You Free; the Watch Tower Publications Index 1930-1985 lists six instances where the "annular theory" is referenced in WTS publications.

    That the Watchtower Society taught explicitly Vailian notions through the mid-1960s can be seen in the following:

    w62 9/15 p. 575: "When [Genesis] says that the springs were broken and the floodgates were opened it means that God caused the forces that held the great water canopy in suspension to be overcome and thus permitted the waters to pour down upon the earth, not in any global splash but as through floodgates into certain channels, particularly at the poles".

    w64 1/15 pp. 54-5: "Up until Noah's six hundredth year of life the 'heavens in ancient times' were different or had a feature different from what the heavens or outer space have now. They had a water ring high in suspension above the earth and containing billions of tons of water. According to Genesis 1:6-8, God's word of command put that water ring up there in the heavens. It covered the earth like a canopy, so that the earth was standing 'in the midst of water by the word of God.'"

    Sometime between 1961 and 1967 the Society seems to have got hold of Morris and Whitcomb's The Genesis Flood, and adapted many of its ideas to previous JW notions on creation and the Flood. In the 1967 book Did Man Get Here By Evolution Or By Creation? there appeared for the first time a raft of new references, many of which also appeared in The Genesis Flood. The Society also changed many of its older notions, updating them in accord with ideas set forth in Morris and Whitcomb's book. For example, the Society finally jettisoned the explicitly Vailian idea of a "water ring" and replaced it with the "vapor canopy" idea espoused in The Genesis Flood. It continued to teach that the "creative days" were 7,000 years long whereas Morris and Whitcomb taught six-literal-day creationism.

    During the next 30 years Watchtower writings on evolution and creation often closely followed those found in young-earth creationist literature, except for the young-earth aspect. From 1967 until about 1983 the Society closely followed Morris and Whitcomb's ideas on flood geology, such as explicitly denying the existence of ice ages, claiming that most of the earth's sedimentary strata formed during Noah's Flood, and so forth. It's quite an eye-opener for someone raised as a JW during those years to find how much Watchtower teaching then had in common with that of its arch-enemies, those trinitarian, hell believing, world-to-be-burned believing, Satanic members of Christendom like the Seventh-Day Adventists and the Fundamentalist community.

    After about 1983, apparently about the time the Society first roundly condemned young-earth creationist beliefs, it quietly dropped the notions of "flood geology" that it had been teaching in one form since 1881 and in another form since 1967. The way the Society is going, it wouldn't surprise me if, after the present old men of the Governing Body and their contemporaries die off, the Society jettisoned many more of its traditional notions about creation and the Flood.


    so Noah was a preacher of righteousness. then how did he warn other pockets of civilizations that were hundreds or thousands of miles away?

    Back in Noahs day..

    There Was Only One Town, With One General Store..

    Image result for Old west general store


    Clint Eastwood was the Sheriff..

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    It`s In The Bible..
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  • tor1500


    No matter what God can't get rid of bad...1st was Noah, 2nd will be when Satan is tossed into ah...I forget, but only for 1000 yrs...3rd, Satan will be released ....again, this time...we will be refined again regarding BAD...maybe after us being dead so long we forget bad...4th long as they don't bring back Adam an Eve, because from what I hear, it's a good thing that God isn't bringing them back because the witnesses are going to kick them in the butt...then you have sin all over again...When witnesses told me that Adam and Eve won't be resurrected, I thought to myself....selfish witnesses, they only want their kind to come back...but the more I spoke to witnesses and how they are sooooo angry with Adam and Eve...I think it would be a witch hunt...I said, maybe it's a good thing Jehovah don't bring them back.

    But who knows if Adam and Eve will be resurrected....since we forget stuff, witnesses might not remember...because they don't remember anything unless it pertains to them....

    I think if you bring this up to a witness they would explain it one or two, with Jehovah anything is if there were any other folks in the was Jehovah that had them move to different places....and remember Jehovah can see and hear all...or the other explanation is that the majority of the population was in the surrounding areas, folks didn't travel that far back then....yep, that's how they will explain it...

    Noah was a preacher of righteousness....were does it say...he went door to door...his preaching work was building the ark....the ark speaks for itself....if this even happened....

    The Bible has a lot of stories in that don't make no sense....but when man wrote it back then he didn't have the foresight to write for the future....only ideas...

    You can poke a hole in mostly most stories in the bible....but you can't poke a hole in Love for your fellow man....many of us on this site have been through things in and out of the org....but, if anyone on this site is in need of physical, financial, or mental health, would any of us on here help one another...because don't matter what stories in the bible's good against the bad...what will you do...if you see someone in need are you going to blame the org. for not helping someone in need...because if you are, it's not their fault it's yours...

    We can blame someone else for our short comings...

    No matter what we ask JW's, stumper questions or not...they ain't waking let'em sleep...


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