here's a great jw brain stumper about noah

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  • Spiral

    This was one of the first things that made me realize the Bible was just a collection of stories. Archaeologists keep coming up with more finds of early human inhabitation all over the world that predate the dating of the flood story.

    I've asked JWs on occasion if Noah was able to travel to Eqypt and Africa, for instance, to preach to all those people before the flood.

    You just get a blank stare, or they try to say that the dating of these civilizations is inaccurate (this is what the society has said, therefore it must be true).

    Mostly, though, I have gotten no response. You can lead a horse to water....

  • sparky1

    Alexey Fyodorovitch went away. Kostya, with a very serious face, sat down to the table and drew the Scripture history towards him.

    "Well," he said; "where have you got to?"

    "She knows about the Flood," said Sasha.

    "The Flood? All right. Let's peg in at the Flood. Fire away about the Flood." Kostya skimmed through a brief description of the Flood in the book, and said: "I must remark that there really never was a flood such as is described here. And there was no such person as Noah. Some thousands of years before the birth of Christ, there was an extraordinary inundation of the earth, and that's not only mentioned in the Jewish Bible, but in the books of other ancient peoples: the Greeks, the Chaldeans, the Hindoos. But whatever the inundation may have been, it couldn't have covered the whole earth. It may have flooded the plains, but the mountains must have remained. You can read this book, of course, but don't put too much faith in it." - THREE YEARS by Anton Chekhov

  • Crazyguy

    The whole thing is a joke and 2 peter where that scripture comes from I believe , the writer didn't have a clue what he was writing about. Noah wasn't a preacher, the covenant was with Noah and his family only, didn't include anyone else. Read Genesis. I'll shut up now.

  • Vidiot

    nowwhat? - "...why the need to destroy the entire earth of every living creature?"

    Can't speak for God, but the last time I personally saw something like that, a developmentally-challenged six-year-old was trying to build something out of Legos, got frustrated 'cause it wouldn't come together the way he wanted, and tantrum-smashed it all. :smirk:

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Two questions "what did it accomplish, did it make the world safer"? One moment God amused himself by watching mankind tread water how long can they last, babies included. And then later he tell mankind to turn the other cheek, don't follow my example but love your enemy. I guess he has a senior moment later because he goes back to his old ways in Rev. The day for a mass BBQ, , we will be incinerated...

  • redvip2000
    than how did he warn other pockets of civilizations that were hundreds or thousands of miles away?

    Come on silly. If Jellohoba was able to fly kangaroos and polar bear over the oceans to get to the ark, then i'm sure he flew noah on a cloud to warn all of those people around the world. Then he got him back to his desert tent just in time for dinner. Once you start using magic to explain things, nothing is hard.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said redvip2000!


  • stuckinarut2
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    redvip2000: Yes silly us, what were we thinking. In the earthly paradise and everything is in ruin, how will the brothers communicate?? They will be able to catch a cloud and visit the brothers in UK, maybe cars won't need gas ( run on water), no problem in traveling. That's why I love the bible, you can make up any story for your fantasy....

  • WTWizard

    This goes on through the whole damnation book. If one were to believe the book, Israel would be the whole world. No one outside Greater Israel (Nile to Euphrates is "Greater Israel") existed. Anyone wandering beyond those borders would have been left out, not only during the supposedly global flood but through the whole jesus crap story. They are so focused on warning "the whole world" between Nile and Euphrates that they don't give a f*** about everyone else. Suppose someone that is supposed to be warned migrates outside these boundaries. Are they damned?

    Or is it that joke-hova simply gave the outside nations (representing the Gentile people) the "Seven Gentile Times"? And, once those ended (supposedly in 1914), Israel was supposed to run the whole world? That would account for the nations outside the boundary not being warned until global communication could be implemented, but it does not make right that joke-hova would destroy the Gentile Nations any more than it destroyed Philistine for not worshiping joke-hova or destroying Palestine today. The whole thing is a global home invasion, and joke-hova is the invader. Flood or none, joke-hova had no right to impede the function of natural law by throwing these temper tantrums to derail it.

    And no, the whole flood story is as fake as the idea that we are damned for something one person supposedly did (real or fake), recent or ancient. The Original Sin is bogus, too. Why do we have infinite debt because joke-hova claimed that someone ate a piece of fruit that otherwise would have fallen to the ground and rotted? That story, along with the whole jesus story, is fake. And the stories of joke-hova blessing the tyrants (David, anyone) that ran the fictitious ancient Israel and produced a fake messiah that is intended to enslave the whole world. Prepare the masses to accept communism, condition them to accept infinite debt, prevent them from ever being free, threaten with damnation or the gulags if they try to default on these bogus debts--this is joke-hova at work.

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