Beards and Circumcision: turning their argument around

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  • eyeuse2badub

    I wonder what the wt says will happen to a man's circumcised penis in the "new world? Will the foreskin be restored like missing teeth and hair, or other missing body parts? If the foreskin wasn't needed and jehober wanted it removed from his "chosen nation", why the hell did he put it there to begin with?

    But now to the subject of Beards and Circumcision.

    The main difference I see between a beard and circumcision is:

    If you cut and trim the beard---------it will grow back!

    If you cut and trim the foreskin it will -----------bleed!

    just saying!

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog


    On a side note, I think I found another subliminal artwork 😜 Look at that tree grinning at the bearded stakee.

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