30 years after leaving utterly unrecognisable

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  • ToesUp

    "Then I left to be with the nonJW family and promptly had two vodka tonics."

    It's funny how just entering a KH makes you want to slam a couple back. lol

    When I was still in, it was a habit to hit the liquor store after a meeting or assembly. Now...six years later, I only drink when I want to enjoy a glass of wine or mixed drink. I enjoy a glass now, not the entire bottle. lol

    That ole, "something is just not right" feeling I used to have. Now, I know what's wrong, IT'S A CULT!!!

  • Finkelstein

    The JWS/JWorg. has morphed into a cheesy High Tec commercialization of its former self.

    People mostly stand on street corners with tract stands advertising their religion.

    They go door to door holding Computer Tablets instead of magazines and other printed publications to hand out.

    They go to Kingdom Halls now with large computer monitors at the front stage to watch video presentations by the HQ , many times involving the GB members.

    They still teach that the world is going to end soon by Jesus and his new Kingdom order established. They have been proselytizing this for over 100 years now but it does grab the attention to the organization and of course its publications.

  • careful

    What a marvelous thread. Loved the OP's words "Presentation and media dominate. Teachings take second place to appearance."

    Also liked BluesBrother's and others' comments about how the old ones feel so out-of-place and just want the current JW world to end.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    @ Number 6:

    I have been pretty much out since 2015. The religion was becoming unrecognizable at that point. I’m in my 30’s and the old kingdom songs STILL bring up memories from my childhood. When I hear them, I think of the assemblies, older ones, field service, my family, etc. It’s hard to explain if these memories are good ones or bad, but they’re memories that that I will never forget and that stir up so much emotion within me.

  • LongHairGal


    I attended a memorial talk last year for a deceased JW.

    I’ve been out for years. I noticed some of the things you mentioned (the awful songs and the screens on the podium). The place was almost empty - whereas years ago it would have been packed...Like you, I greeted some nice older ladies I liked...However, I felt sad and stupid being there and couldn’t wait for the whole thing to be over so I could get the hell out of there!

  • Vidiot
    NeverendingJourney - "...So instead of updating the doctrine, which is too hard to do, especially for a group run by a committee that requires a supermajority to act, you push doctrine to the sideline and make it all about the community..."

    Hmph. Some "community".

    BTW, I like your username.

    It makes me think of Falcor and Atreyu playing "Don't Stop Believing" on endless repeat as they fly through the Nothing.


  • Vidiot
    Crazyguy2 - "...The songs now seem as though they were created to drive people out..."

    What've I been telling y'all for years, now?

  • Vidiot
    ToesUp - "...It's funny how just entering a KH makes you want to slam a couple back..."




    ...all of the above, really.


  • Finkelstein

    The WTS's con job of it doing Jehovah's will and purpose continues on against scriptural support as usual.

    People who join this organization are unexpectedly doing the leaders of this organization's (GB) will and purpose and glorifying those men not God .

    These men want to retain their power and position for their own sake, their sustaining lifestyle along with their wives which they both live off from.

    Who gets treated like notable celebrities wherever they travel around the world paid for by the WTS., who pays for their health and dental care, who pays for their cars and insurance, food, shelter gets to use the swimming pools and tennis courts at the JWorg HQ ???? .... etc etc.

  • Dagney
    The place was almost empty - whereas years ago it would have been packed

    Hi LHG! Okay this was odd to me also. This man was a lifetime JW/elder, covering multiple congos. I thought for sure I'd be parking on the street, nope, pulled right into a spot 10 min before. Pictured myself standing in the back, nope, got a seat. But again it's possible people have moved away that knew him, or circumstances prevented their attendance. Some did come from far away.

    I'm still processing it all.

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