30 years after leaving utterly unrecognisable

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  • neverendingjourney
    Hmph. Some "community"

    I agree, but for folks who are isolated and emotionally vulnerable, being a part of any community can be appealing. And the JWs are good about love bombing and presenting a certain image to potential converts.

    BTW, I like your username. It makes me think of Falcor and Atreyu playing "Don't Stop Believing" on endless repeat as they fly through the Nothing.

    I came up with it years ago when I was waking up. I had bought into the religion as a teenager and woke up in my mid 20s. It dawned on me that then that there were no easy answers and that life was a continuous journey. Opinions and outlooks would change depending on new information and experiences. There weren't easy answers.

    It was difficult for me because I liked the certainty and structure that "the truth" provided. Knowing that there were no easy answers to life's tough questions was a huge let down.

  • Finkelstein

    The exploitative and corrupt doctrines are still actively propagated which dont have scriptural support as they never did but the WTS accomplishes its alluring tactics by using 21st. century technology.

    Going to meetings and reading an actual printed bible is almost gone, as well reading the monthly magazines such as the Awake and Watchtower.

    Get your Tablets out brothers and sisters , its study time.

  • Vidiot
    Finkelstein - "...These men want to retain their power and position for their own sake, their sustaining lifestyle along with their wives which they both live off from..."

    Always good to remember.

    Without the bOrg, these guys would have nothing.

    They would be nothing.

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