"Gem from the November 2019 WT. Reject apostate material because JWs trust in "their brothers."

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  • skin

    They will try to turn us against one another.

    What more fear nonsense can they publish? And because JWs read this in the WT, they will believe that everyone in the outside world (enemies) have only one thing on their mind, and that is to make JWs turn against each other.

  • waton
    Satan, “the father of the lie,” uses those under his control --apostates--

    Daniel, that is a typical ad hominem attack, immediately avoiding & hiding the real issues under consideration, by attacking the messenger. what a wt mess.

  • blondie

    Yes, min, that is right:

    Everything written was right from the publications

    As I have said from the beginning on JWN, the best way to educate others about the WTS is to:

    Hang the WTS with their own words

  • asp59

    Dont know the point in putting up WT articals. They have already put out they are not guided, not perfect and make misstakes. They can basically write what ever they choose. No point taking out the bible and correcting them, cause they will say they are not spirit guided and its all personal opinions

  • BluesBrother

    Watchtower said, in the 80's:

    "Thus not only were they open-minded, but they were wanting to have this “good news” proved true. In fact, for a person to acquire faith he must have “the will to believe.”

    An ancient Greek, Demosthenes, is known for saying that what a man wishes to be true ,he will readily believe.....

    We must not kid ourselves by being too willing to believe. That gives birth to fake news and Watchtower mistaken doctrines.

  • nicolaou
    minimus: I go along with if someone is spreading lies, don’t listen to it. But if someone is speaking truth, you should listen to it.

    minimus, how can you tell the difference between a lie and the truth unless you've listened to and examined both?

  • pale.emperor

    They will try to turn us against one another.

    Who was it again that turned my family against another through shunning?

  • smiddy3

    Paragraph 8 from the Article "Are you maintaining your large shield of faith?"

    Satan, “the father of the lie,” uses those under his control to spread lies about Jehovah and about our brothers and sisters.

    Now if that were true ,why in the world would Jehovah allow Satan this control and power over all of these Centuries ,inflicting untold misery and suffering among humans just to prove a point ?

    Jehovah God has killed off lesser humans for far more trivial things than what Satan has caused .

    And don`t forget Jehovah has allowed Satan to be the God of this system of things .

    And at the same time Jehovah has said in Romans 13 That Satan as the God of this system of things is an arrangement by God to mete out justice to us if we do good or bad . ?

    And if we go against that arrangement they will receive a judgement from God .?

  • snugglebunny

    For instance, apostates publish lies and distort facts about Jehovah’s organization on websites and through television and other media.

    Let's take a moment to talk about Jehovah's organization by turning to the Scriptures and seeing what the Bible has to say about Jehovah's organization.

    This could take a while...

  • nowwhat?

    As I just mentioned in the other post. What exactly are all these lies that apostates are supposedly spreading?

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