"Gem from the November 2019 WT. Reject apostate material because JWs trust in "their brothers."

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  • Daniel1555

    Dear friends

    I didn't post for a while, but I still enjoy the great JWN community.

    Just wanted to share a "gem" from the November 2019 study Watchtower.

    Paragraph 8 from the Article "Are you maintaining your large shield of faith?"

    Satan, “the father of the lie,” uses those under his control to spread lies about Jehovah and about our brothers and sisters. (John 8:44) For instance, apostates publish lies and distort facts about Jehovah’s organization on websites and through television and other media. Those lies are among Satan’s “burning arrows.” (Eph. 6:16) How should we respond if someone confronts us with such lies? We reject them! Why? Because we have faith in Jehovah and we trust our brothers.

    So don't question anything, because we trust Jehovah and our brothers.

    The articles truly get dumber and dumber.

  • skin

    By default, anything that is negative regarding Jehovahs organization is obviously lies from Satan, end of story. Last thing they want JWs to know is that those branded apostates could be proclaiming the facts, the very facts that WT don't what their followers learning about.

  • Ding

    So if you check out what apostates say, you don't have faith in Jehovah and you don't trust your brothers.

    Is that what Paul said when the Bereans checked out everything he told them by the scriptures?

    Or did he commend them for trusting God rather than men?

  • blondie

    Thanks for saying the November 2019 WT Study magazine was posted. I checked this morning but no on yet.

    As to Acts 17:11

    The WTS has a different slant that appears nowhere except in a 1981 WT, shortly after the Great Apostasy at Bethel, and the announcement in the KM that Ray Franz was no longer on the GB.



    How shall we view the spiritual food provided by this “faithful and discreet slave”? Should it be viewed critically​—‘Oh, well, it might be true but then again it might not be and so we have to scrutinize it very critically’? Some apparently have felt that way about it. To support their way of thinking they have quoted Acts 17:11, which says of newly interested persons at Beroea: “Now the latter were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with the greatest eagerness of mind, carefully examining the Scriptures daily as to whether these things were so.”

    But does this mean that those Beroeans were looking for flaws in the message they were hearing, or that their attitude was one of doubting? Does this set a precedent for regarding critically the publications brought forth by the “faithful and discreet slave,” with a view to finding fault? Not at all!

    First of all, let us note the setting of the statement about the noble-minded Beroeans. Paul, accompanied by Silas, was on his second missionary tour. Due to persecution that arose, the brothers at Thessalonica sent them on to Beroea. In Beroea they met sincere Jews who had strong faith in God’s Word. These were not Christians yet. They were simply interested persons who had to satisfy themselves that what Paul was telling them had the support of the Hebrew Scriptures.

    Up to this time, these devout Jews in Beroea may never have heard of Jesus Christ. What Paul was telling them was entirely new. So those noble-minded Jews in Beroea searched the Scriptures daily to make certain that the references that Paul gave were really part of God’s Word. And with what mental attitude did they pursue their studies? With a skeptical attitude, trying to prove Paul wrong? No, they were altogether unlike Paul’s critics on Mars Hill, for we read that they heard Paul’s testimony with “the greatest eagerness of mind.”​—Acts 17:11, 32.

    These Beroeans listened with a readiness, yes, an eagerness, to believe. Thus not only were they open-minded, but they were wanting to have this “good news” proved true. In fact, for a person to acquire faith he must have “the will to believe.” If he is determined not to believe, then no amount of evidence will convince him; for if a person looks for them he can always find excuses, plausible reasons for not accepting the accountability that belief will bring upon him. As the apostle Paul well said: “Faith is not a possession of all people.” (2 Thess. 3:2) But the Beroeans had the will to believe. They considered what they heard with a receptive frame of mind. As a result, “many of them became believers, and so did not a few of the reputable Greek women and of the men.”​—Acts 17:12.

  • jwleaks
  • Ding

    The WT comments quoted by Blondie assume that JWs are Christians because they are following the "faithful and discreet slave."

    Are they?

    Or are they unwittingly following a false prophet that claims to speak for Jehovah and Jesus?

    Surely, that it something every JW should consider worth investigating.

    They won't... but they should.

  • Listener

    They have created their own definition of the word lie. According to them it must be deliberate. If ex JWs do state something that is incorrect, it is often just a mistake.

    From the same Warchtower they also say this

    We must be determined to build and maintain strong relationships with our brothers and sisters now. Why? Because our enemies will try to divide us by means of lies and misinformation. They will try to turn us against one another. But their efforts will be wasted. They will be unable to break our bonds of love. Nothing they do will disrupt the friendships we have formed.

    This is just hate speech and paranoia. Who are these so called enemies that are turning them against each other?

  • ToesUp

    Reading this really "happifies" me. What this tells me is that WT is VERY worried. I take great pleasure in watching this cult sweat! Apostates are making a dent in their little cult and they are worried about how many more will leave, taking their cash with them. They will NEVER go away but there will be a substantial decrease.

    Keep up the good work all you "evil apostates!" lol

    "Trust me, said the spider to the fly."

  • zeb

    As an org that considers you can lie if it suits aka "theological warfare" which was raised to their utter embarrassment at the CARC this is coming over pretty damn thick.

  • minimus

    I go along with if someone is spreading lies, don’t listen to it. But if someone is speaking truth, you should listen to it. I used to read a site called Watchtower Observer. Everything written was right from the publications. Once you have read the actual truth of what is published by the watchtower society, and you realize that it is their own words that bury them, there is no defense for them because they are merely speaking what Jehovah’s Witnesses teach.

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