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  • Mulan

    Dansk, I think the point many of us are trying to make here is that many of the things you want to do, have already been done, or tried, and failed. Or had very minimal success.

    We have to face the facts, that most people in our worlds, either haven't heard of the witnesses or just don't care. The witnesses who are unhappy eventually find us, because they know who we are, either in our own communities or they find this board. Here, they can talk anonymously and air their concerns and hopefully get some answers.

    The pedophile issue got some publicity, and it was good, but it has kind of faded out now.

    Most of us who have been out for a number of years, have realized that the best thing we can do is move on with our lives and find happiness. If we need a cause to work on, we find one that has some chance of success.

    As an example, my brother has been working for about 15 years on an environmental project, to save the rainforests, protect the environment all over the world, and to grow medicinal plants in India, to market, provide jobs for farmers, use the land that is not being farmed, and that will also help to heal the physical ills of society all over the world too. He has had limited success because he has spent all of his money, and he had a small fortune in the beginning. He is always meeting with possible investors and has had a little success in getting meetings with some very influential people and corporations, but his work is very discouraging. His cause is a good one, and he refuses to quit. But at age 63, he is broke and is realizing that no matter how much he cares about people and the planet, most of the contacts he talks to want profits now, and don't see the bigger picture of the future of the planet for future generations. Many of his ideas have been stolen and I believe he is being exploited for the most part. If I were him, I would have quit long ago, but he keeps on, very discouraged all the time. Right now he is in the Netherlands pursuing another lead, and will go to Afghanistan in July to see about another partnership there. (he has a close friend who owns a travel agency and is paying for his airfares..........he has to borrow his lodging and eating money though)

    My point is.............choose your battles and find out what has already been done and what your chances of success are. Draw up a business plan as if you are starting a new business, if you have some good ideas that haven't already been done.

    The laws are pretty much against succeeding in suits against religions. Sad, but it's a fact, especially in our country.

  • hillary_step


    A very good post.

    As to your Brother, well Sister, believe me, I know where he is coming from. Many of these types of projects are like trying to climb Everest into the Jet Stream in housecoat and slippers! I salute his courage and integrity, and tell him that whatever happens, nature always wins in the end.


  • wannaexit


    These forceful tactics that you would like to engage in may do wonders for people on the outside of the congregation. But the regular Jw will only be strenghtened to be more loyal to the organization. Actions such as you propose will only be viewed as persecution.

    Little things can also help damage and dent the watchtower walls

    Since I still attend and associate with the congregation, I always look for opportunities to ask someone a small question, show a little discrepancy here and there. I know personally many Jw don't agree with many of society's policies and rules and have trouble accepting them. Many have doubts but they just can't put their finger on it.

    If we can help those on the inside get their wheels in motion by researching and reading that is half the battle won. (wt articles flip, flop and are full of discrepancies).

    Maybe this method may only produce hair-line fracture in the wall but it weakens it none the less.

    Just my two cents worth


    Hey Dansk, nice to see your presence once more on the forum.

    I'm sure things have been generally good for you, but we all lead busy lives, and sometimes things do take our attention away from the board and any initiatives.

    When I think of a single line, or word or phrase, I have to give Jesika's sister (whomever she is...bless her heart) when she stated about: 'not playing by the Watchtower Society's rules'.

    Simple as a pimple. Here I was, almost 20 years outside of the JWs, and I never thought I still had any vestiges of JW within me, but I did.

    Made sense. ((((Jesika & her sister))))

    I contributed my story, which I would have NEVER done otherwise. It took me well over 2 hours to post it and when I re-read it, I could still add more (tried to, but some error message came up).

    Takes time Dansk. Don't give up.

    Hilliary Step is right, there are many things that are happening off of the board/forum. Guaranteed!

    Best wishes Dansk. Thanks for the pvt. msg.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire


    To be honest I was irritated that a secret group, involving yourself, was organizing a mysterious "top secret" action against the dubs and It was requested that I contribute in some way, yet I was to remain in the dark and trust in the judgement of the secret leaders.

    I got involved in a campaign to put an ozzie musician into politics years ago. working hours of free labour canvassing for someone elses eventual benefit and glory. My days of free labour are over, unless its to put ME into politics!

    Thats why I didnt respond to your requests.

    Just some thoughts there brother.

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