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  • asp59

    How many think they will announce in the annual meeting they just gonna have one meeting a week? If they dont it will be astonishing, amazing and other things.

  • joe134cd

    Not gunna happen

  • Wild_Thing

    Nothing news breaking will be announced. Same old drivel. Some new campaign will be announced urging members to jump on their hamster wheels again because ... the end is just around the corner.

  • jwleaks

    “Will this be our last Annual General Meeting? It could be. It could be.”

    But ... we all know it won’t be.

    What to expect (in no particular order)

    1. Something about growth but without facts or evidence and persecution in Russia ... and needing money. [insert talk from Mark ‘crock-of-sh!t’ Sanderson here].

    2. Something about ‘new light’ but without facts or evidence ... and needing money. [insert talk from David ‘no clue’ Splane here along with some new BS].

    3. Something about how Jehovah helped some random Jehovah’s Witness named Andre or something similar ... and needing money. [insert talk by random brother here].

    4. Something about building new Kingdom Halls, despite the fact more and more are being closed down and sold off ... and needing money. [nsert talk by wanna-be GB member (aka Paul Gillies) here].

    5. Something about needing more money ... and needing money (wash, rinse, repeat). [Insert talk from Stephen ‘we just love this new idea’ Lett here].

    6. Something about living in ‘the last days’ and how ‘Jehovah is speeding it up’ and how the imaginary persecution is ‘proof we are the true religion’ and random homophobic attack ... and needing money. [insert talk from Tony ‘hot dogs’ Morris here].

    7. Something about Satan’s attacks and false news reports on child abuse and not to believe the media etc. ... and needing money [insert talk by Geoffrey ‘Jackass’ Jackson here].

    Concluding song and prayer about ... needing more money.

  • LV101

    jwleaks - good summary, LOL, and I so needed the laugh.

  • Listener

    They haven't released the January 2019 Study Watchtower yet, I guess it will be released tomorrow after the annual meeting. It will have a few changes but these have already been explained by GB member Ken Cook in a recent video titles 'Organizational Accomplishments - 2018 Writing Committee'

    In this video GB member Ken Cook says there will be new and improved additions with a new design and layout. Each study article will be numbered to correspond to each week of the year. A larger font will be used for the many Bro's and Sisters who live in locations with poor lighting conditions, making it easier for them to read. They are going to also include the occasional picture description explaining the content of a picture as it will be of great help in the Braille field.

    Also, they will be putting the opening song listed at the beginning of the study article and the closing song listed at the end.

    The english symplified study edition will be discontinued in 2019 (he wasn't specific as to when) and the regular edition will be simplified.

    By this they are stating that Jehovah is truly speeding up the work.

    They showed snippets of the January, 2019 Study Watchtower during this video. It seems that they are basing this simplification on the idea that Jesus introduced the Lords Evening Supper arrangement as being simple and that the disciples would have considered it to be so. Also, they used the example of Jesus eating and elaborate meal with Mary, Martha and Lazarus and Mary was the one doing the right thing by listening rather than being involved in the serving.

    Since they haven't uploaded this magazine yet, I imagine they may distribute copies of it at their meeting so that everyone can oooh and aaaah at it and the marvelous work that the GB is doing.

    With all this simplification which drastically reduces their costs, it may be that they do drop the second meeting in the future. It would also allow more congregations to use the one hall, making more available to sell.

  • Crazyguy

    They will say “ Jehovah’s chariot is moving so fast we’re seeing such growth. Armageddon is eminent stay the course your salvation is almost upon you”

  • pale.emperor

    So let me get this straight... they're scrapping the simplified mags and making the regular mags simpler with big letters?

    So in reality they've just scrapped the normal mags and made everyone read the dumbed down version.

    They sure are going out of their way to keep the rank and file stupid and spoon fed. This would have been infuriating for me when I was in, I was a deep studier.

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    i totally agree with you pale.emperor. Empty meetings, empty litterature, empty talks... for empty minds.

    the greatest danger is to think by yourself!! fewer danger for the org with stupid videos and brainwashed people.I remember my grand father and other working people of his 40's generation. They had very little instruction but the organisation provided "solid food" for every one. The they felt very different from the catholic religion they were leaving. they also were deep and hard students of the bible.

    I really have no regret to have left this sad sad cult...

  • nowwhat?

    They would never go down to one meeting a week. That not enough to keep the flock indoctrinated

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