"Demons" Living In My Brothers Gym Equipment

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  • pale.emperor

    Spoke to my younger brother Dan yesterday (he DA'd about 6 months ago). He was telling me that he got a visit from our older brother the day before. Our older brother was raised a JW but never committed, lives a full-on "worldly" life - smokes, binge drinks, hangs out with non-JWs, but he's been studying for about 6 years would you believe?

    So anyway, Dan is selling his freeweights, and older brother say's he'll buy them off him. Great. Wonderful. What could possibly go wrong?

    A week later, older brother turns up and says he's not going to buy them after all because, after speaking an elder, it could bring demons into his home.

    Demons. Really?

    Yes, because you see, Dan studies Taoism and meditates. (It's actually benefited his life immensely. He's lost weight and overcome a lot of stress and anxiety issues). HOWEVER - as everyone knows, Taoism is surely from the devil and influenced by the demons. The demons are living in my brothers freeweights and if my older brother brought them home the demons would then be in his house.

    Where do I even begin with this one?

    • Aren't they supposed to stop studying with someone who doesn't make changes after a certain length of time?
    • Demons like to live in gym equipment now?
    • Even if this were true, Jehovah is powerless to protect this person who is studying?
    • How come the demons dont live in my older brothers cigarettes and porn collection?
    • Isn't it funny how demons dont live in banknotes and coins that non-JWs might put into the contribution box?
  • just fine
    just fine

    Umm yeah. Maybe that could be my excuse - I can’t use the treadmill it’s possessed......

    Ever notice how clothes from a garage sale could be demon possessed but clothes from a second hand store are not? Or a Satanist Seamtress has no impact on the clothing you buy in stores..........picky buggers those demons.

  • humbled
    • How come the demons dont live in my older brothers cigarettes and porn collection?
    • Isn't it funny how demons dont live in banknotes and coins that non-JWs might put into the contribution box?

    👻👺 hahaha

  • dubstepped

    I thought demons only inhabited stuffed animals.

    It's all so stupid. Suddenly your oldest brother is asking elders about purchases of used weights? That's so random. Love your last point about all that dirty used money they're happy to take. Heck, our assembly hall was a church at one point. I remember walking into it with my wife the first time and thinking it was so weird.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    most superstitious people ever and they don't even realise it.. pretty funny title BTW hehe !!!!!

  • scratchme1010

    That nonsense about things being possessed by demons has caused a lot of resentments from me too. I gave all my Engineering books and notebooks (with every single problem in the book beautifully solved; the best reference he could have used) to my JW nephew. That's gold for any Engineering student. Guess what they did with them. Yep, thrown away because of since the books came from the homosexual apostate of an uncle.

    I have heard countless stupid stories about JWs doing all kinds of disregard for things that they don't know (or make up) their origin.

    No matter what it is or what kind of explanation they give you. It's always nonsense.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well, at least those demons will be fit and toned!

  • scary21

    These demons are sooooo boring. If I were a demon I would not be hanging round a graveyard .(my daughter thinks she brought some home from there) living in a book or gym equipment .

    I would be at the strip club, going on tour with rock stars or just watching people do crazy things. I would be partying like it's 1975.

  • Giordano

    Hey it could have been worse...... your brother of your brother could have bought his Jock Strap.

    Enough said

  • hybridous

    Meet these dumb ideas on their own terms, in their own court...

    Where in the Bible does it talk about demons inhabiting inanimate objects?

    This is just more extra-Biblical crap that the JWs swear they don't engage in...

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