"Demons" Living In My Brothers Gym Equipment

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  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from Pale Emperor:

    Where do I even begin with this one?

    The "High Control" tactics of the WTBorg Cult Inc. do seriously border on the "insane."

    If the JDubs were just able to read their Bibles without the very weird interpretations of the WTBorg Cult Inc. and their very strange Doctrine (Rules of Men) they'd find that there is really nothing to fear.

    The Biblical answer to such concerns is straight forward and uncomplicated. The "Demons" have no power over us at all unless we play their games and "give them permission" to screw with our minds. And this is what the WTBorg Cult Inc. effectively does; gives the Demons "permission" to instill "fear" by means of their indoctrination and mind control. Fear is their primary means of control and they exploit it mercilessly as they indoctrinate their followers with made up Doctrine which is contrary to what the Bible simply explains.

    The Demons (yes, they exist) are only able to do what we agree to enable them to do by playing their games. The WTBorg Cult Inc. are heavily invested in "Playing Their Games."

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