Russell's Pyramidology Originated In Edinburgh Scotland

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    I should add that when the World's Crisis, the Advent Christian Society's main publication, was founded, believers and subscribers were a mixed lot. Some Millerite Adventists and Some Literalists. There was considerable tensin from the first and within a few years many churches in the fellowship refused preaching by Age to Come believers. By 1872 there was a raging argument over the nature of prophetic 'truth.' The two parties separated in the 1870s, and people we sometimes find described as Adventists were not. George Stetson who preached using an Advent Christian license left them in that division. Storrs left Adventism after the failure of the seventh month movement in 1844 amidst lies and misrepresentation by his former associates.

    If there was confusion in the minds of the public, there was no confusion between the parties. One of the most prominent Age to Come evangelists wrote to The Restitution complaining of the controversy as it affected him:

    I came out of the M.[ethodist] E.[piscopal] Church into the Advent Christian Church,
    but when I began to preach the restoration of Israel and the reign of Christ and his
    brethren over the nations, they cast me out; and as I owned the church building they
    could not stop me from preaching, they quit coming and would not hear. This was in
    Cherokee. At Traer the Advent Christian church voted that Brother G. M. Myers and I
    should never preach in their church again. I hope our Advent friends will soon see the
    folly of rejecting the restoration spoken of by all his holy prophets

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    I don't think the Watch Tower falsified the date for Object and Manner's return.


    As you're not doubt aware, the 1930 - 1960 Watch Tower Publications Index gives 1877 as the date of publication (p. 306)

    In 1975, the Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses changed the date to 1873 (p. 36)

    The 1930 - 1985 Watch Tower Publications Index followed suit, listing 1873 as the new date (p. 916)

    I guess my view is a little jaundiced, as the JW parent organization had, at this point, accumulated an embarrassing array of false and misleading statements about their past.

    But I would agree with you that incompetence is a likely explanation.

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    This is a footnote from our Separate Identity:

    Though Object and Manner was reprinted in its entirety in the Golden Age in 1923, modern Watch Tower
    writers lost track of it and did not have the booklet available to them from the 1950s until the mid 1970s. There seems to have been no real effort on the part of Watch Tower research staff to locate a copy. A photocopy was sent to them by an enterprising researcher in the early 1970s, but the 1975 Yearbook history still repeats the 1873 date. (See page 36.) Another researcher, responding to a letter from the Watchtower Society, provided proof of the correct date in 1974. As late as March 1, 1987, The Watchtower repeated the wrong date, even though proof to thecontrary was in their hands. By then they had received copies of the booklet itself, were pointed to the statements in The Time is at Hand and in The Watch Tower of March 1, 1922, where the correct date appears. The correct publication date is given in July 1, 1949, issue of The Watchtower. Part one of the Golden Age reprint is in the November 7, 1923, issue.

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    thanks to all for this discussion. the site Patheos does a comparison between Jehovah's witnesses, Adventists and Anabaptists. Thought I'd share as you can put in different combinations for comparison

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