Russell's Pyramidology Originated In Edinburgh Scotland

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  • sparrowdown

    The pyramid monument near Russells tombstone coincidently has watchtower bible and tract society on it? Russell believed and taught the same pyramid calculation theory but the pyramid has nothing to do with Russell?

    I'm so confused 😮.

  • jaydee

    smiddy..To all those people who object to the pyramid behind C.T.Russells grave

    are there such people...?

    I mean have you been told it has nothing to do with the watchtower by some ?

    Even WT publications say It's in the Bethel Family plot don't they...?


    Nevertheless the Pyramid Stone near CTR's tombstone is not mere coincidence

  • cofty

    Sparky1 - Thank you very much for the information about Robert Menzies.

    Jaydee - My wife and I visited Nelson's Monument just in time for the start of an illustrated talk on the history of Astronomy in Edinburgh. I can't remember the name of the historian. I was more than surprised when Smyth's diagram of the measurements of the Great Pyramid appeared on the screen followed by a picture of his tombstone.

    surely you must have come across this sort of info before in that 8 years ?

    Come across what exactly? If I have ever heard the name Charles Piazzi Smyth before or of his connection with Edinburgh and his influence on Russell then I have no recollection of that. I did discover Russell's dishonesty about the measurements when I read his books more than 20 years ago. The OP is a combination of stuff I heard yesterday, stuff I knew already and stuff I discovered researching the OP last night.

    I thought it was interesting, I'm not pretending I made discovery.

  • smiddy

    jaydee ,I must have mis-read your post or got the wrong impression with your thumbs up on vienne `s comment ,who by the way querys the pyramid as being associated with C.T.Russell.?

    Also if I`m not mistaken ,I loveTTATT2 also doesnt seem to believe that the pyramid is associated with C.T.Russells gravesite.,how many more ? I dont know

    If I have misunderstood I LoveTTATT2 ` s reply to Cofty ,then maybe I should call it a day.

    sparrowdown a longtime member on this board is confused and I dont want newbies lurking on this board to be confused about this issue.

    I`m just trying to clear this confusion up once and for all .

  • Xanthippe

    Fascinating thank you Cofty. Imagine explaining that to a householder. Using four random Bible verses to get to 1914 was bad enough!

  • cofty
    You said that the pyramid is Russell's tomb, it is not. - TATT2

    Whether it is his tombstone or a memorial to him and his colleagues adjacent to his grave - erected later by his followers - is an interesting detail but it makes little difference to the OP. My statement that Russell imitated Smyth in death is incorrect but surely nobody is suggesting the pyramid has no connection to Russell. .

    I was not aware that Smyth - who compiled the data Russell used for his pyramidology - already had a pyramid grave marker at his grave in England in 1900. I thought that fact was interesting.

    Edited to add - Interesting article here linking Smyth, Menzies, Russell and George Storrs...

  • Fairlane

    Interesting post cofty...and imo absolutely on the money relative to this discussion forum. I have researched this subject in conjunction with my interest in Egyptology and have, because of my knowledge of C T Russells pyramid observations and his conclusions i focused on these connections with Smyth etc. Intresting that the foundation of the wtbts jws was really based on a ' pyramid scheme '. I believe the then bible students were given the opportunity to purchase pieces of the waste stone used to construct the pyramid structure next to russels gravestone, not sure of its veracity. Perhaps someone still has a piece?

  • jaydee
    Fairlane......not sure of its veracity
    from the 1919 convention report
    page 7

  • Giordano

    From what I recall from his history....... Russell was very into the nonsense of the 19th century. He also 'borrowed' from a variety of fake science and religious speculation.

    According to Russell, only by reading his books could one understand the pyramid mysteries and how they fit into the "Divine Plan." One of the strangest "revelations" from the pyramids was his calculated date of 1914. The date was based on his measurements of the interior passageways of the pyramids. He said that 1914 would be the end of the world and God had revealed it to him exclusively. However, when his 1914 date for the end of the world failed, he tried to cover his tracks. The calulations were first printed in 1897 where he stated: "...this measurement is 3416 inches, symbolizing 3416 years.... This calculation shows A.D. 1874 as marking the beginning of the period of trouble...." (Thy Kingdom Come, Series III, p. 342, 1897 edition) Then in the 1916 edition it was changed to read: "We find it to be 3457 inches, symbolizing 3457 years....This calculation shows that the close of 1914 will be the beginning of the time of trouble...." Russell's pyramid actually grew 41 inches in 19 years!

    This is the century that brought us the Mormons, the Christian Scientist, The Watch Tower Society, the Adventists and a revitalized Shakers to name just a few. They all had one thing in common......... they all thought they had the 'truth' based on fake science and their own interpretations of the bible.

    Strange bits of theology and 'science' were turned into religious movements.

    The cemetery pyramid was a Tombstone Marker next to Russell's actual grave in a Pittsburgh cemetery.

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