Russell's Pyramidology Originated In Edinburgh Scotland

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  • Splash

    Fabulous Cofty. Absolutely fabulous.

    I must make my way up north very soon.

    I might combine it with a whiskey tasting tour 😁

    Now get to bed 😃

  • jaydee

    Hey there cofty

    I was also a bit surprised , as you have been on here for 8 years..

    and you do seem to be a prolific reader.

    surely you must have come across this sort of info before in that 8 years ?

  • Finkelstein

    What is even more alarming is that it was actually Rutherford who later erected the Pyramid shaped monument beside Russell's tombstone, the very same guy who proclaimed that god had selectively chosen him and the WTS organization as his earthly FDSL. (1919)

    Good self supporting bullshit by another opportunistic charlatan.

  • sparky1

    "As far as I am aware Smyth didn't apply his measurements to bible prophecy but he gave his approval to Russell to do so." - cofty

    I believe that this is correct. However, there was another 'player' in the Great Pyramid/religious prophecy speculation game. He was also a Scotsman by the name of Robert Menzies. Russell credits him as the first one to attach a prophetic/spiritual meaning to the Great Pyramid. No doubt, Russell was influenced by this young mans writings and he mentions them in the chapter entitled The Great Pyramid contained in the book THY KINGDOM COME .:

    "A few years after Prof. Smyth's return, came the suggestion that the Great Pyramid is Jehovah's "Witness", and that it is as important a witness to divine truth as to natural science. This was a new thought to Prof. Smyth, as well as to others. The suggestion came from a young Scotsman, Robert Menzies, who, when studying the scientific teachings of the Great Pyramid, discovered that prophetic and chronological teachings co-exist in it." - pg. 320 edition 1891

    "In a letter to Prof.Smyth, Mr. Robert Menzies, the young Scotsman who first suggested the religious or Messianic feature of the Great Pyramid's teaching,..." - pg.337 edition 1891

    Yes sparrowdown, Russell stole ideas from everyone as some sort of religious amalgamation project. Thanks to cofty for keeping this foolishness in the forefront so that new posters here can see the REAL roots and foundation of the Jehovah's Witness religion.

  • Crazyguy

    This reminds me of when the current GB stated there was no evil slave, they stole that from a theologian. I think this corrupt cult hasn't ever had an original idea!

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Cofty, Vienne is correctly pointing out that something in your OP is wrong.

    You said that the pyramid is Russell's tomb, it is not.

    She pointed that out and you lashed out at her.

    Aren't you leading an evidence-based life?

  • berrygerry
    Maybe somebody else also won't be aware of that and might find the OP interesting.


  • Hairtrigger


  • smiddy

    To all those people who object to the pyramid behind C.T.Russells grave as being associated with him and the Watchtower organization , please provide evidence /proof as to who it does belong to ?

    just asking .

  • jaydee

    cofty. . . when I attended a talk in Edinburgh today

    could you explain please, why that talk was given...?

    and by whom, and is it likely to end up on youtube at some point ?


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