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  • minimus

    I never realized the variety of types of congregations there are until I came here. Just because someone might get into trouble with the elders in one Hall it didn’t mean every place did the same thing. I noticed that even if something was considered inappropriate in a certain congregation, it might not be so wrong In another Hall.

  • Vidiot

    I came here looking for confirmation of a number of suspicions...

    ...and soon realized that reading XJW material on the net doesn't turn you into an "apostate".

    It just helps you realize you already are one.

  • ExCircuitOverseer

    I was serving as an elder when I first came on here. I was outraged at the way so many were disrespectful of the Governing Body. I quickly signed up just to make a comment about how the Governing Body is humble and imperfect and that we should respect them. I then stayed away from this board for awhile. Then later I came back but I lurked for awhile, reading and reading on here. Finally I started posting again but I couldn’t remember my old username so I made a new one. I also had a different mindset, I was waking up

    I wish I could find that ridiculous first post of mine though. I was totally brainwashed

    This board has been a lifesaver for me.

  • millie210

    After an entire lifetime as a JW, leaving felt like the end of my world. I knew too much to stay and I knew nothing about what was "out there".

    It was similar to being on a sinking boat and jumping into the cold dark sea. This site threw me a raft and I climbed in and hung on.

    Thanks to being here, I was able to replace fear with facts. Life is great now.

    I owe everyone here a tremendous debt of gratitude.

  • minimus

    That proves that a JW can come here and try to genuinely correct us for misstating what the Organization is all about and sometimes, even if it’s not immediate, can reflect on what the truth really is.

  • Terry

    PRE-internet it was virtually impossible for a 'woke' JW to comprehend how many others of their mindset were merely treading water in local congregations.
    PRE-internet DF'd persons were in that 'sunken place' alone and troubled by isolation and vulnerable to depression and self-doubt.
    Then the internet was born and the light grew brighter and brighter ...:)

    Of all the forums and discussion groups that sprung up like mushrooms in a dark forest after the rain - only THIS ONE had the spark of fellowship and articulate individual spokesperson who clarified and comforted the aching misery of EX-JWdom.
    Suddenly the dank and fetid rot of this Organization was laid bare like roadkill.

    Some extraordinary folks have passed through here over the years. I showed up around 2006 and I've posted well over a thousand Topics.
    I've seen them come and go: all unique - but - all suffering the same cognitive dissonance and anger issues to a greater or lesser degree.
    I had soooo much anger I was unaware was inside me!
    My posts were machete swings.
    I outgrew that- and it was a huge unburdening spurt of personal growth ever afterward.
    We start out with an ax to grind or a Big Question to ask and debate to engage in before we gain steady footing in reality.
    THIS FELLOWSHIP is made possible by people who really truly care what happens to others.
    jehovahs-witness dot com is an OASIS and a refuge in a wasteland of cult morbidity.

  • minimus

    Terry, great articulate post!👌👌

  • Simon

    That's 20 years I'm never getting back!


  • Diogenesister

    Simon 🤣🤣🤣👌

    You know, I definitely had questions when I first came here. I was starting to doubt. But I still had faith Watchtower was essentially good and the only real hope for mankind. Then I heard about the ARC on here......

    What kept me coming back??? The humour! You lot were so damn funny!

    I’d never met such funny JWs before and I knew there was something different about the people on here....I felt enormous kinship such as I’d never really felt before.

    edit Terry did you draw that? If so I really like it. I’m really into woodcut prints and it kind of reminds me of those.

  • minimus

    Oh there’s a lot of funny people here.

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