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by minimus 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • Simon
    What kept me coming back??? The humour! You lot were so damn funny!
    I’d never met such funny JWs before and I knew there was something different about the people on here....I felt enormous kinship such as I’d never really felt before.

    I think there is a lot of value in people just acting normally and being friendly and real. Especially after the fakery of the WTS environment.

    I know some people love the deep theological discussions, but I've always felt that people rarely leave because of those just as they rarely join because of them.

    It's all about personal connections and feeling a sense of belonging. So the personal stories and friendly words that help people to relate and feel like they can join in are worth so much.

    We are definitely all mental though.

  • minimus

    For me , my leaving had everything to do with the truth. Is it truth or false. Evidence here and some other sites clearly helped me to see I couldn’t stay in the religion either mentally or physically.

  • Vidiot

    Come for the facts, stay for the folks.

  • steve2

    I credit this forum with helping me find my voice. The forum has changed over the years, as all living things do - it would be a terrible thing if it had stayed the same.

    It has undeniably helped untold numbers of people and for that, I thank Simon for keeping the forum going and very much active.

  • Terry

    Diogenesister :Terry, did you draw that? If so I really like it. I’m really into woodcut prints and it kind of reminds me of those.

    Not one of mine.
    I am addicted to LINOCUTS which are prints made by taking a piece of linoleum and carving out an image (backward) and rolling ink over the surface and laying paper on top (then pressing it).
    I've done woodcuts and they impute more of a feeling of accomplishment.
    I usually set fire to the wood and then put out the flames, then scrub the char off for a rugged feeling. I hit it with a chain too to impart a stressed look.
    But you know all that if you're into it.

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