NOTICE: Tortured Soul passed away this morning

by Lady Lee 65 Replies latest jw friends

  • fairy

    I feel sad for everyone that has death touch them when someone in their family or someone they know pass away.

    I believe my parents are up there with the best of them and they deserve it - and "tortured soul" is up there as well...........he is a tortured soul no more. Whether anyone believes in psychics or not, one told me that when my mum died the angels took her away to be healed...and i believe that for tortured soul.

  • Shutterbug

    Sometimes it seems it is only the good people who die. Obviously this isn't true, we all die, it just hurts more when a man of Tortured Soul's gentleness and caring personality dies. This was a special man who touched many of us. Rest in peace friend. Bug

  • MrMoe

    So sad to hear news like this... my heart goes out to thier family.

  • shera

    He is at peace now...he is somewhere good.

  • nilfun

    He gave so freely of what little time he had left..

    I'm so sorry, Misty.

    (((Misty & Family)))

  • SYN

    My deepest sympathies to (((MistyJames))) and family...

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Misty has been sent the link to this thread. Hopefully when she is up to it she will come to read all your wonderful thoughts to her and the family

  • plmkrzy

    (((((((((So Sorry)))))))))

    Our deepest sympathies


  • gumby
    I didnt think the end of his life was this close

    I had no idea he was this sick. What a man to share the end of his days sharing with us.


  • enigma

    Tortured Soul I did not know you, but now I know of you. And what I have read you are a very kind and caring person. I am positive where you are now is much better than this life. I am sure you are smiling down on all of us, I will meet you one day my friend, until then....


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